Gus collared… for his own good

Trixie examines Gus’s new gadget while Gus sits very still.
Gus collar

Gus has a sore on his back leg.  He’s been licking on it for the last few days, so I took him to the vet today.  The vet couldn’t find anything stuck in his foot but said that it was a little swollen and inflamed.  She suspects an insect bite  or a scrape and Gus constantly licking on it is hindering it’s healing.  Gus got some medication and this nifty funnel collar.  He is SO GOOD with letting you examine him and putting this on, but he’s frozen with it on.  He doesn’t move. Poor thing.  I’m going to try it with it off and see if he tries to mess with his bandage much.  At first he was trying to lick at the bandage, but he hasn’t really tried to get it off.

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  1. My pup had a bandaged foot once and wouldn’t leave the bandage alone.
    I mentioned it to the vet and he got me a product to spray on the bandage.
    He said it would leave a harmless but very bitter residue on the outside of the bandage.
    It wasn’t long before the pup stopped licking the bandage. I just did a bit of googleing and found that it is called Bitter Apple spray.

  2. Gah. The cone of silence. I think it is worse for cats, especially furry ones because they can’t clean themselves and sometimes their poo gets stuck in their fur.

    • Jonco’s already on that since the category is TV. With Gus sitting so motionless, Jonco wasted no time pointing him toward a satellite and is reportedly getting good reception. He plans on using Gus again to broadcast the BABBQ for those who can’t make it to STL.

      • LOL @ Scott. Every now and then the categories just go haywire. Although TV might be appropriate in this case with Gus’s ‘antenna’, it was supposed to be Gus & Trixie. So, I corrected it.
        Also, I took the collar off this afternoon and Gus didn’t seem to be bothered by the bandage after the first half hour or so so I left it off. He didn’t bother the bandage all evening, so hopefully he won’t have to wear the cone. Maybe he realized that he could be cone-free if he left his foot alone.

  3. Get a clear one!
    They have clear cones…call you vet and tell him and he will give you one your pup can see through.

  4. If you do take the collar off, watch him very carefully. Our boxer had a similar problem. When we removed the collar we checked the dressing and sprayed it with Bitter Apple. He was great while we watched him. The next morning the bandage was gone – he had eaten it. He needed surgery to remove it. Next time the collar stays on until the bandage comes off.

  5. Poor little guy. 🙁 Think of him as a ‘party animal’ with a lampshade on his head.

  6. Awww, poor pup!
    Our older dog freezes when you put anything on her — cone, clothing, even certain collars will create a Bailey statue

  7. “I do not like the cone of shame.” Jonco, if you haven’t seen it, you must watch the movie “UP.” Dugg the dog uttered these immortal words… I love seeing pictures of your pups. Got two of my own, but they’re big ones, and if I could have more I’d add some little ones.

  8. Poor puppy. He’s looking like “What did i do? I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”

  9. the frozen ness stops.. they just have to get used to it..poor doggy.. it is amazing how they adapt over a couple of days…

  10. Have fostered many dogs. Sometimes bitter apple works, sometimes not. Vet wrap and No Chew can help, but the cone (if they’ll not tear it off) is best. . .

  11. Poor baby! Gus has lots of issues, and he’s come such a long way. I’m sure you’re doing everything to reassure him. I’ve found that using a tall narrow bowl or even a coffee cup enables them to eat and drink with the cone on.

  12. He enthusiastically sports that camo bandage with lots of Gus-toe. The collar, with great dis-Gus-t.

  13. Hey look, Barb Dwigher and Barbwire are both here. It’d be fun to see them in a pointed debate on boundaries… One on off-fence one on de-fence trading barbs.

  14. Gus will be ok! Keep the thing on as long as you can. He is soooo cute and so is Trixie. I love the doggie posts, as I have small doggies of my own.

  15. Poor Gus! We had a dog who had to wear a bucket for a while. She kept bumping it into the door frame!

    • Gus is doing really good. He seems to be feeling better and isn’t trying to chew on the bandage, so he’s cone free. Trixie is her crazy lovable self.

  16. Boy-O-Boy just what I always wanted, another picture of a dog that means nothing to me. “bits and pieces,, we scour the web so you dont have to ??? ha ha i dont ever remember scouring the web for boring dog pictures that mean nothing to me”

    • Boy-O-Boy just what I always wanted, another person who thinks their opinion about a picture they don’t like matters to the rest of us.

  17. Scott, I avoid any conflict with other women. As a high school teacher, I would wade in between guys, who would almost always stop rather than hit me by mistake. Girls fight really nasty, and I have the scars to prove it. I didn’t wade in, they just happened to start fighting right next to me, and my wounds were defensive.

  18. I have seen these cones that are clear so the dog is still able to see. Perhaps that might work better for him? I believe the store I saw them in was Complete Petmart.

    Love the site by the way! Been coming here for some time now, but this is the first time I have posted. Keep up the great work! 🙂

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