23 thoughts on “Caption contest”

  1. It once belonged to a chesty seagull who lived it that tree. It was known as one gull two cups.

  2. I’m going out on a bra-nch with this limb-erick…

    There was a skydiver named Ash
    She jumped out of the plane as it crashed
    She pulled the wrong cord
    And screamed ‘Oh my Lord!’
    Then she flashed as she thrashed through the ash.

  3. There once was a lesbian lover
    who took a young girl under cover
    the dad he crashed in
    and did trouble begin!
    as the lover discovered she couldn’t hover!

  4. “Ma’am, you are welcome” – (bad, bad) Leroy Brown (“all the women call him ‘treetop lover'”)

  5. When ripe, fruits from the boobytree drop down leaving the empty shell for harvesting by Victoria S.

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