Actress Lynn Redgrave’s battle with cancer

Redgrave.slide1a3Actress Lynn Redgrave, a vital and popular member of Britain’s Redgrave dynasty, died Sunday night. She was 67 and had waged a lengthy battle with breast cancer.

She had her daughter, photography student Annabel Clark,  photograph her through her ordeal.  Here is her story

Warning:  Some pictures might be NSFW


6 thoughts on “Actress Lynn Redgrave’s battle with cancer”

  1. There’s just nothing you can say to something like this, like all people living with Cancer one of the brave

    • I don’t know that she’s brave, it’s just something she has to endure. She had no choice. I guess she’s brave for having it chronicled in photos.

    • MCW,
      Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May you be comforted with your memories of her.

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