7 thoughts on “Protection Cat”

  1. Huh. Unfriendly pet. Sociopathic pet. BANG! New pet.

    Now, pets, even cats, sometimes need to be reminded who “the big cat” in the family is. WHACK! But attacking mom. . . Idunno.

  2. As much as I’m a “cat-person”, if my cat did that to me, he’d get a very quick refresher-course on who’s who in the house.

  3. @ChrisInAtlanta – i don’t think that was mom in the video – looked like a baby sitter to me
    @Charlie, @eyeball – sure, punt the cat. it isn’t very capable of inflicting harm if you are willing to seriously hurt it.

    @Donna – if you mean protective, then i have a cat like that now myself. if, like the other 3 comments, you interpreted this cat as being sociopathic and unfriendly then i too had a cat like that once, but that was long ago.

    My fondest memory of the family dog we had when I was little is from a moment similar to this. My brother and I fought, frequently and violently. Dax, our lovable mutt, would sit and watch in distress – obviously fearing that we were actually locked in a death match. On occasions like this Dax would frequently wait until one of us was clearly winning then run between us and bark and growl at the apparent victor, something that we interpreted as, “are you trying to kill him??? I WON’T ALLOW THAT”.

    This protective reflex is exactly what I see in the video above. Personally, I’d be very happy to be a parent watching this reaction when my toddler was left home with a baby sitter.

  4. Yea, I’d imagine it was a babysitter, since it looked like a ‘nannycam’ I mean, if it was the child’s mom, why would they be recorded…? Unless daddy has some trust issues…


  5. yeah, even if it was the baby sitter, that’s the kind of trouble you don’t need. Cat attacks baby sitter on video, then the court case when they baby sitter sues.

    People with dogs run into that problem all the time. Dog would never hurt their family, but will try to kill the meter reader. Maybe that is the kind of animal you’d want around your house, uncontrolled liabilities.

    As a parent, I’d be very unhappy watching my animal attack my innocent baby sitter. I wouldn’t be happy that it happened.

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