My Dog Ate What?

Spoon xrayStarting tonight, Tuesday, May 4 at 10pm ET/PT, Nat Geo Wild reveals some of the most amazing and shocking things ingested by dogs, from underwear (thong preferred) to pacifiers (27 in total) and money (all $800 of it)!

Anaheim, CA: The x-ray of the spoon Bogie, a two-year-old Saint Bernard with epilepsy, ingested. One day when Bogie was taking his epilepsy medicine , he ingested the spoon the medicine was on.  Dr. Kathleen Johnson at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital in Anaheim, California performed surgery on Bogie at a cost of $2000.

Dover, PA USA: The $800 that Joe Pa ate. Dr. Kate Brammer at Animal Emergency and Referral Center in York, Pennsylvania induced vomiting to get the money back at a cost of $130.

My Dog Ate What?  Tuesday nights on National Geographic Wild.

6 thoughts on “My Dog Ate What?”

  1. This doesn’t begin well, as the spoon is photoshopped in. In X-rays, the dense matter appears lighter and you can bet your ass that a metal spoon would be much MUCH lighter than the vertebrae.

  2. Ah dogs. Once had a well beloved dog with some anxiety issues. While I was away from the family for 4 days she consumed: an entire role of paper towels, 2 skeins or yarn, several pines cones, a chunk of carpeting, part of my son’s bookbag with the zipper, part of a thick terry bathrobe. All whole. $1400 for surgery. Even the vet was impressed. My attack cat has much more sense.

  3. Rudy LOVED our teen daughters thongs…he especially liked the neon colored ones. She learned not to leave her clothes on her bedroom floor! He also ate a Black Marks-a-lot… but chewed on it for a while on our bedspread and new carpeting first. AND he gulped down my husbands 30 year onyx and diamond and gold ring he had received from his company. Our son left it on his night table after my hubby gifted it to him, so it was his job to dig it back out of a pile of poo. Oh Doggies… such an appetite for the bizarre!

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