Fan Tasered at baseball game

A 17-year-old Phillies fan, being Tasered to the ground after running onto Citizens Bank Park during last night’s Phillies-Cardinals matchup.

The fan will be charged with criminal trespass and related offenses, the team said. The Phillies did not release his name because he is a juvenile.

33 thoughts on “Fan Tasered at baseball game”

  1. Don’t make the fan out to be the victim. If you run with the big dogs, you piss with the big dogs.

  2. MLB rules state that any fan on the field can’t be aired. Why are those people booing after the taser attack? I don’t get it, if they tasered all idiots that jump onto the field this nonsense would stop. I guess I am GETTING old and cranky.

    • required,
      I didn’t type it, I copied and pasted that line. I did a little editing and should have caught that. Thanks.

    • KLAW, I would think it was one or the other unless they’re going to charge him multiple times. Either he WAS charged or he WILL BE charged makes more sense to me.

  3. I guess now he’s up on the current laws. He showed far too much resistance, and Ohm boy did they socket to him. I hope his folks had to wire him some cash to make bail. That should breaker him of doing it again.

  4. This looks like a video taken from the stands not by MLB cameras. The news said some players were covering their faces with their gloves so they would’nt be seen laughing. Hope the brat learns something from this.

  5. This just in……another fan jumped onto the field tonight. He gave up rather quickly and was not tased. Only in Philly.

  6. Maybe it was too far away to see, but I thought they are supposed to twitch a lot more than that.

  7. Floyd, the voltage is the same. The Current can be adjusted by the trigger puller. Jonco will show you at the big ass bbq. It would be worse if you were in the pool. They claim water is a good conductor, dunno.

  8. They are booing because tasers are only supposed to be used in the place of a gun. The guy who fired the taser should be asked, “Would you have fired your gun in the same way?”.

  9. Paul, rephrase that so it makes sense. Are you saying he should have shot the kid in a Stadium?

  10. They justified bringing in tasers on the grounds that it was a non-lethal alternative to firing a gun, and would only be used in the situation where the officer would have fired his gun. Instead, you have the overuse of tasers now on the grounds only of it being non-lethal, “because they can”.

    I am saying he should not have shot the guy, because he wouldn’t have fired a real gun at him in that situation, as that was the justification for introducing tasers in the first place.

  11. Oh, now I see your point of view. I agree with tasering the kid. I guess you’re not a baseball fan. I am, would you jump onto a field knowing you would get tasered? I didn’t think so.

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