7 thoughts on “Almost true facts about bottled water”

  1. Since I have well water, I get to cut out some of the steps. The water tastes great and I save about $20-$25 per month.

  2. infidel, depends on your geographic location. Tap water in north-west is extremely pure, especially around Portland (ergo the great beer).

    On the other hand Philadelphia has some of the most awful water I have ever tasted.

  3. I agree, our water here in central Texas tastes like it was filtered through dirty socks, even with a filter on my sink. I spent a summer in Wyoming, where I enjoyed the cleanest tasting water I have ever drank, (drunk, whatever it is) I’m sure it came straight off the Rockies.

  4. I know bottled water is supposed to be such a scam and all, but there IS a taste difference in many cities. And, when you drink a lot of water like I do, and you aren’t always able to carry refillable bottles because there is nowhere to keep them after they are empty, and you recycle the bottled water empties, what is the problem with bottled water?

    I drink tap filtered through my fridge. At work, there is no water source upstairs near my office, so I fill my stainless bottle at the bottled water fountain. I often put my filtered tap water from home into Aquafina bottles to take it in the car, as my stainless bottles don’t fit in my drink holder.

    As for bottled water being overpriced, I never pay more than 13 cents a bottle for it when I do buy it.

  5. Where’s the rest of it?!! There’s the bit about water from hell! Tears of the condemned!

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