6 thoughts on “Ultimate Zombie weapon”

  1. The 10/22 might be a fine unit for old-world, time-honored, “every shot individually fired by a skilled craftsman” approach, where quality is appreciated more than quatity…

    But during the zombiepocalypse, I’ll stick with the Saiga 12K shotgun. No sense worrying about taking out the brain when they aint got no freaking head.


  2. Saiga can do devistating damage, but for weight ratios I can shoot roughly 10-15 .22’s per 12 gauge 00 buck round. That gives me an advantage. If I want to get trigger happy even better. Not to mention I have more accuracy and concentrated firepower then one round of buck does.

    • All this is true, but I look at two things…

      #1 If the zombie is so far away from me that a shotgun blast will not take it out, it is not an immediate threat to me.

      #2 if attacked by a zombie horde, the time neccisary to make individual aimed shots on each zombie may not allow you to kill them all, even assuming that EVERY shot is a kill shot. In practicality, you should figure on 10-15% ‘wastage’.

      Using the formula Rs = (Tz*Vadv) / (RPM*Eff) Where Rs is rate of survivability, Tz is total zombies, Vadv is speed of advance of the horde, RPM is rounds per minute (sustained) and Eff is efficiency of shots, you can clearly see that in a low number or slower horde, a lower effective shot frequency can still produce high rates of survivability.

      But with a big horde, the simpler aiming dynamic of a shotgun coupled with the nearly 100% efficiency (at close range) allows a much higher sustained EFFECTIVE firing rate, thus increasing the rate of survival.

      Not saying the 10/22 would not be very desireable in a “plinking” role with limited zombies at larger distances, but I would argue that it is far from the ideal end-all and be-all weapon for surviving the zombiepocalypse.


  3. Jonco: Zombiesquad (www.zombiehunters.org) has a really big missouri presence. You should check them out… fun group.

    But me personally, I like body shots, and I’m not that accurate, so I’ll stick with my Mossberg 500 with a 9mm as a backup 🙂

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