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  1. Hey clark, you’re gonna have to pay for that even if you are wearing your spandex in here ok buddy!

  2. Two men are sitting at a bar, slowly sipping their drinks.

    After a while, the first man approaches the other man, and sits next to him. “This place is great, isn’t it?” he asks.

    The second man, somewhat surprised at the stranger’s remark, replies, “Why do you say that?”

    The first man, in a low tone of voice, responds, “Follow me.” The two of them walk over to a large window at the end of the room. The window faces out onto the street, 12 floors below.

    “Here’s why.” The first man throws open the window, and boldly steps out into thin air. But he remains aloft!

    “The air currents are great here!” he exclaims. “It’s very relaxing.”

    He floats back into the room. As his feet return to the bar-room floor, he invites the second man to try it.

    The second man, skeptical, peers out through the window – down to the pavement twelve stories below. He looks to either side, and finally up above, to see if there was anything holding the first man up.

    Convinced that it was no trickery, the second man swallows, closes his eyes, and steps out into thin air. He promptly falls twelve stories to the pavement below.

    The first man grins and returns to the bar. Looking rather irritated, the barkeep comes over to the place where the man sits.

    “You know,” he says, disgusted. “You’re a real jerk when you’re drunk, Superman.”

  3. So this guy walks into a bar that is on the very top of a twenty story building and starts drinking and the guy next to him says “Have you heard about the wind currents up here?” The man says no so the gut leaps off the barstool and suddenly he floats back to the top. The first guys is amazed so the other guys says, “You try it!” The man leaps off the building an falls to his death screaming.
    “You are one mean drunk, Superman.” The bartender says.

  4. If Spiderman goes for my bottle on more time, I’m going to leave a great big stain on the ceiling.

  5. “Where’s a guy in skin tights gotta go to chillax for awhile? Perhaps I’ll try the flannel shirt bar, nobody wants saving in here.”

  6. Fearful of what his fellow Super Friends might think if he were to come out of the closet, Super Man spends another lonely night trying to drown his love for Aquaman in a bottle.

  7. Whenever Superman entered their bar, The Flannel Fighters (Beard & Fro) always felt overshadowed.

  8. Save my baby! Help there’s a burning building!! Save that airplane!! Blah blah blah! When does Superman get some time!

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