16 thoughts on “Cat gives cardiac massage to dead friend”

  1. This is sooo sad. 🙁 I said goodbye to my cat of 19 years last weekend, it was a painful experience to say the least.

  2. Looks like white cat may have been marking the dead cat as “Mine” and then maybe trying to get her?)interested in mating.

  3. That was the saddest thing I’ve seen in weeks… brought a tear to my eye.

    @ Meee, I’m sorry for your loss.

  4. That is to sad it brought a tear to my eyes, Cats are very special. Meee I know your pain and I’m Very sad for your lose

  5. That was one of the hardest things to watch. I sat here crying like a lil’ baby. Thank you for sharing this. Just shows how much animals are feeling creatures…

  6. Saw this same thing a time or two around my property. The Tom is just trying to excite the female so he can mate. He’s only sad that he didn’t get to mate with her first.

  7. Cats ALSO exhibit kneading and purring behavior when they are in distress! This is NOT an example of a horny male. Toms don’t just lay down and sleep with uncooperative females. This was definitely an example of a cat in distress and I feel sorry for the souls who can’t recognize the emotion that exists in ALL Gods creatures.

  8. Brian, everybody agrees that the cat is experiencing an emotion. It is just that those that know cats best recognise the emotion as “horny”.

    While it is true that cats may paradoxically purr when distressed, they do not knead when distressed. Kneading is always associated with pleasure. The cat in the video is definitely kneading.

    The position of the ears, the relaxed way it holds its tail and the state of its fur give no indication of a cat in distress. And its whiskers are facing well forward through-out, which is an unambiguous indication of cat happiness.

    • catman do, I cant disagree with you more. Some cats do knead when they are distressed, I’ve worked in shelters and have seen it many times.

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