10 thoughts on “Left-handed writing”

  1. If the entire human race were to wake up one morning looking exactly like one another, same height, same color of skin, same hair, eyes, and same voice, they would find something to discriminate against one another by noon time.

  2. I work with a lefty, and it’s hard to watch him use power tools like a circular saw, which was made for righties.

    • I’m left-handed and it seems perfectly normal for me to write, but watching another lefty write looks really awkward.

  3. I’m a proud lefty. Growing up, the old folks considered it a defect. Was told I would never be able to learn certain skills which served to inspire me to excel at them.

  4. A sinistral is a left handed person. The root word is sinister, evil. When I went to Catholic parochial school, the nuns would slap any student who would attempt to write with their left hand. Too bad they would not whack the priests for other things.

  5. I can really relate to this one. I usually get “You’re left-handed!” to which I reply, “All the best people are!” That shuts em up.

  6. Also a lefty –
    I was told “You must be right-brained” last week.

    And as a side note – Left-handed people are more likely to die earlier due to accidents. Yay!!

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