8 thoughts on “Welcome to Arizona”

  1. me and a friend of mine went to a bar the night that story came out. A guy at the bar started mouthing off too my friend about immigrants. I pointed out that my friend was a perfectly legal resident here in america and that alcohol + politics dont mix well. Eventually we had to leave when others joined in the anti-immigrant rantings.

  2. The unfortunate thing about all of this is that most people leave out the main word when talking about it. That word is illegal. I’ve heard some people say that “Now, it is against the law to be an illegal immigrant” It was always against the law, hence the term illegal. I understand the concern that some may have about having to produce papers etc., but don’t we already have to have papers on us if we want to drive a car, or get on an airplane. Heck, I can’t even check into a hotel without 2 pieces of photo I.D.

  3. If the Feds would do their job, then we would not need separate state laws that are written almost identical to federal law. And yes, we should treat the illegal aliens as criminals. That is what is meant by “illegal.”

  4. isiah – nothing is wrong with Arizona. What is wrong is the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government. Whoever is elected President is to enforce the laws of the land; the current and previous Presidents have not done so in regards to illegal immigrants (as well as other laws), thus Arizona had to step in and enforce the laws. Heck, even the current President has an aunt living in the U.S. illegally and yet he does nothing.

    • so if nothing is wrong with them how come this is the second boycott they had to go through?

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