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  1. Every time someone, or I, have said “for Christ’s sake” I had this image in my head. Thank you for making this a “reality”!


  3. why would you do this i know some people dont take this offensive but i do i am a christian and making fun of jesus has got to stop!

  4. Hmmm… you sort of expect something offensive, then it isn’t. Love this picture of Christ- bet he liked a drink or two, considering the company he kept.It’s like a Christian version of those jolly Buddhas you see. It’s a sort of turning of the water into… rice water. And if the Mormons can believe that Jesus went to America, what would he have been like if he went to Japan? Perhaps you could create a new religion.

  5. “i know some people dont take this offensive”

    I think I’ve made my point about lack of education leading to belief in fictitious deities. It’s statistically proven ofcourse but any man with common sense could work it out. Great pic!

    • Because it’s a perspective drawing. See how the table is smaller on and higher on the left and bigger and lower on the right. that’s that means the right side of the table is closer to you, the viewer. Which means that if his left hand is at that part of the image, it should be considerably larger because it’s the closest part of the image.
      Take your right hand and put it far away from your face. Then take your left hand and place it right in next of your face, but off to the side so you can still see your right hand. Notice how the right hand is so much smaller than the left? that is perspective my friend.
      Hope you enjoyed today’s art/vision lesson.

    • HAHAHAHAHA sooo funnyyy, everyone needs to chill, its just a joke…i hate people who take everything so personal FOR GODS SAKEEE!

  6. Hee Hee, if we can make fun of Mohammed, Buddha, Shiva and everyone else’s deities, this sort of light hearted humor is ok. If JC were around now he will probably smile and have one with you and say Cheers and Bless you my friend!! Funny.

  7. Mat 11:18 For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon.’
    Mat 11:19 The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Look, a glutton and a winebibber, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ But wisdom is justified by her children.”
    Jesus was probably a very joyful smiling man on many occasions. The children would gather around Him and sit on His lap. Children don’t warm up to grumpy people very well, they’re scary.
    The religious people accused Jesus of being a glutton and a drunk. He of course was neither and though wine was a common drink fermented and not, Jesus was never drunk and a glutton doesn’t frequently fast and pray. And He is the friend of sinners, desiring to change their lives and futures forever.
    There is really nothing new in terms of the hearts of men. The false accusations are the same ones used back then to paint a negative image of Jesus Christ. Usually it’s a means to justify wrong doing on the accusers part. If Jesus isn’t real or failed then I have no accountability and no reason not to eat, drink and be merry. Be merry my friend and of good cheer, but be sober looking for His coming, for the time is at hand and even now is here.

  8. “I think I’ve made my point about [my] lack of education”

    My favorite thing on forums/boards:
    When people display their imperfections whilst making fun of the imperfect grammar, sentence structure, and/or punctuation of others.

    • My favorite thing on forums/boards:
      When people misread things.

      Ahem said
      “I think I’ve made my point about lack of education leading to belief in fictitious deities.”
      He’s not talking about his beliefs. He’s talking about how the less educated believe in all this god nonsense. Also, you forgot a comma.

  9. “My favorite thing on forums/boards:
    When people display their imperfections whilst making fun of the imperfect grammar, sentence structure, and/or punctuation of others.”

    Except he’s right, Lifz, the average IQ of people who profess to believe in God has been shown to be lower than the average IQ of people who don’t. What you have to ask yourself is the cause and effect: is it that less intelligent people tend to believe in God, or is it that a belief in God makes you less intelligent?

  10. This shit is not funny and those who do find it funny get your brain checked for serious defects or missing parts

  11. Hey, he provides me strength and direction on a daily basis – don’t begrudge the man a drink you wouldn’t want the job.

  12. 60 years Ive lived on this planet,and for many of those 60 years Ive watched man the gluten trying to destroy the planet.
    and now i see this and it says again in all things, God has to have a sense of humor, I find this honest and refreshing after all are we not made in his image? And to you high toned
    fanatics in your very tiny pulpits GOD sees you at all times, think about that and quit being so pitiful in your disgust at a picture that says to me.”Yea I do have a sense of humor”

  13. as trish said, “man, the gluten is trying to destroy the planet”! Viva the celiacs! Viva the gluten-intolerant! All praise be to Redbridge beer! Gluten is evil! Down with wheat, rye, barley and oats!

  14. Everyone at that time drank. Jesus drank, Buddah, all of them; if they didn’t, they would have caught water borne illness and died. You Catholic/Christians are drinking J-mans blood: it’s wine. Grow up.

    Potable water was not in great supply, so pretty much everyone drank as a form of medicine against various water (and other causes) borne illnesses. In America, when Ohio was being settled, land was given to settlers provided they maintained 20+ acres of apples trees in order to make hard cider to have something potable to drink; cause drinking from the river would make you sick, hence why Johnny Appleseed was so popular in that area. (Yes, he was real)

    Also, Jesus hung out with lepers and prostitutes. He loved a good joke. You fucking Christians/catholics are so self righteous.

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