2 thoughts on “iPhone G4 saga continues”

  1. The difference between Jason Chen & the lady in the article posted is that Jason Chen does not merely post personal blog entries or make personal entries into a public blog – he does write periodical online publishings as well as provide blogging for his employer. His paying job is to report advances, changes, and news in technology & that’s what he was doing. The phone wasn’t stolen – it was either lost or abandoned (depending on that engineer’s intentions). At least here in Texas, abandoned property is up for grabs (true finder’s keeper’s) and lost property with an unknown owner belongs to the finder as much as it does to anyone other than the original owner. The original owner, in that case, has a responsibility to report the loss of the item to the authorities, which they did not. IMO, Jason Chen bought a legally recovered item and now must return it to the original owners who have identified themselves since he made the purchase.

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