5 thoughts on “Crayola thanks the Tea Partiers”

  1. Are those the same ones that Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink, and the creators of the Bush=Hitler signs – MoveOn – used a couple of years ago?? And didn’t the “Crash The Tea Party” losers use them just a week or two ago?

  2. From iowntheworld.com :

    If I don’t hear that Crayola Crayons is suing the makers of this video I will assume Crayola endorses this video. If that is the case I will never use Crayola, or their affiliate’s products, ever again.

    I call on everyone to boycott Crayola products until we hear Crayola’s stand. If they do not ask for a cease and desist on this video, for violating their trademark, and suing the makers of this video, Crayola will suffer the consequences. It’s that simple.

    And for the last time, ASSWIPES, NOBODY IS AGAINST IMMIGRATION!!!!!! Which chromosome is missing that keeps you from adding the word ILLEGAL to the phrase ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION when trying to make your idiotic point?

    You can send a message to Crayola making them aware of this trademark violation.

    Or call 1-800-272-9652

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