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  1. If I can say anything I want.. then.. Obama is the worst president since LBJ. William Henry Harrison was better in his 30 days as president.
    I don’t want the government to take over my life. They can’t even run a simple program..so why would I want them making decisions on my personal health care????

  2. Climate change is a better term, not global warming. By looking at the big picture, humans need to realize that the forces of planet earth doesn’t care about how intelligent and advanced we have become. The planet is on it’s own time table and will evolve different climates throughout. Yes, we try to our dangdest to know and understand all that we can to survive, to carry on and to answer some extremly old questions since living on it’s surface. Only time will tell if humans survive. Weather it’s by the hand of man or the forces of the ever changing third rock from the sun, it’s going to be a wild ride.

  3. Here is another viewpoint on alleged global warming.
    Glaciers have been advancing and retreating for millenia. It’s kind of how the planet works. Of course the environmentalists conveniently ignore the glaciers that are advancing at any given time! You can find a partial list here:
    I’m so sick of the death and destruction environmentalists using scare tactics to force a certain lifestyle on us (and from which, they are conveniently exempt [that’s right! I’m looking at you Al Gore!]) while they conveniently ignore any evidence that is contrary to their own dogma and propaganda. Don’t believe the lies! Use your brain and look at the whole story.

  4. Interestingly, if you noticed, the environmentalist extremists are no longer using the term “global warming” as much, opting instead for “climate change”. In this way, ANY abnormal weather can be attributed to man’s evil ways.

  5. Well said, (A)Scott. But as you’ve seen over the past year, libs are in major denial about the earth’s natural processes (among a lot of other things). To them the earth’s climate was “normal” on some date a couple of years ago, and any global process that threatens that arbitrarily chosen point must be stopped by man. They love those articles that have a lot of “could”, “might”, “may”, & “possibly”.

    The last time the glaciers retreated, they created the Great Lakes, Niagara Falls, the St. Lawrence River, the Ohio River, the Upper Mississippi River, Cape Cod, Long Island NY. Evidence of the glacier’s retreat is all over the place in the Great Lakes states and provinces.


  6. In more important news, I’ve just heard from Bella. She arrived in Vancouver BC and is staying downtown in a cancer lodge next to the hospital. She currently has no access to a computer, but In a snailmail note dated Sun Apr 18th, she says she had her first treatment and it went well. “Just feels like a bit of a sunburn. 19 more to go.” She’s met up with a friend she went to school with that she hadn’t seen in years, and spent the night there catching up and doing the usual “girl talk”. She’s in good spirits and is still determined to beat that bastard. F cancer.

  7. Yay Bella. Beat that cancer down!
    Infidel – so as not to bore you with our climate change discussion, I have spiced it up as follows:
    The ice has retreated revealing the earth’s supple heaving breasts. Meanwhile, the glaciers are advancing and retreating, slowly, strongly penetrating the earth’s most intimate, delicate regions. Gathering intensity, tectonic plates gliding back and forth, in and out, the internal pressure mounts. Suddenly, spasmodically, kjolojdyyjlolwtfgtfo erupts in a passionate flow of hot, thick, steamy lava spreading slowly between the thighs of Iceland’s private regions.
    Hope that helped!

  8. Just got an email from Bella minutes ago. She’s staying in a “cancer lodge” attached to the hospital in downtown Vancouver BC. She says, “I finally managed to get on to a computer here. They have one but there are over 70 people here so chances of getting computer time are slim.” She’s “terribly homesick” and misses her puppies and her own home. She says the treatments are going well and that the side effects are burnt skin and fatique. She’s met some people from towns around her home in northern BC and has gone out exploring the city on a couple evenings. She says she’s doing a lot of walking, and even though they keep moving the date around, she hopes to get out and back home during the second week of May. And F cancer.

    • Glad to hear about her. I’ve been thinking about her and wondering how she was doing. Thanks for the update, DJ.

      • While I was posting the update from the postcard I got from her, an email came in, so I updated the update. What really came through in her notes was how sick some of the people in there are…she knows she’s very lucky and in spite of what she’s been through in the past 8 months, it could be much much worse, and the other thing mentioned more than once is how homesick she is.

  9. DJ – I’ll be in Vancouver on May 17th. If you know the name of the facility, how ’bout sending me a gmail with the address and I’ll try to get by and visit her.

    • Richard – lemme check that out and get back to you…She was thinking she’s be sprung just before that date, but I’ll check with her.

  10. great to here Bella’s doing good:

    I watched a vid from a Astor something or other PHD type that said why are we so friendly with this planet. you to opened you eye’s and see that it is trying to kill you every day. there are more places on this rock that if you where thrown out naked you would not live vary long then there are safe places.

    (Another) Scott: you forgot to add that after blowing several million tons of ash in the upper atmosphere it terns a cold shoulder on global warming and cools the hole relationship for the summer.

    • Right you are ALN. Interesting fact: When Mt. Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines it spewed more hydrocarbons into the atmosphere in one week than mankind has since the beginning of the industrial revolution!

  11. If anyone knows any aviation or HR jobs going in Germany, let me know. That’s all I can think of 😛

    EDIT: Maybe the Yeschmin Blechin employment agency, but does he deal with American clients only??

  12. Sending best wishes and prayers to Bella. Thanks for the update
    Enjoying gentle thunderstorms in Ohio today

    • We’ve had light to moderate rain in St. Louis all day today too. Had some pretty heavy storms yesterday.

  13. Jonco – Two things…How are things going with the donations and would you please reduce the edit time for the comments? I am noticing that some comments don’t flow very well with others due to the time lag involved. And even infi doesn’t need a half hour to edit his missives…

    • Richard, The donations slowed down after two days which was expected.
      My understanding on the Edit comments thing is that they go up right away as it is. I don’t understand what difference it makes if I change the time. Am I missing something?

  14. I did not intend to mention this but since DJ has some contact with Bella, it might encourage her to know.
    Next month the American Cancer Society (no direct help for Bella, unfortunately) is running a Relay for Life nearby and I purchased a luminary in support of Bella. (I’ll try to take a picture of it.) And while I walk a few laps that night, I will be repeating her mantra.
    F*** Cancer, indeed!

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