12 thoughts on “Strawberry bugs”

  1. Really? So now I’ll get the runs from the soap rather than eating a harmless bug that I didn’t know was even there 1:46 ago.

  2. What a waste of human effort and strawberry. If you must; pull the top off with your thumb and first finger, rinse under fast running water, eat. It’s good to rinse off ANY residue anyway. I’d be more afraid of the dirt and sprays than the extra protein with legs.

  3. Bugs are not kosher and are forbidden to eat for Orthodox jews who follow the old testament.
    This video was just giving practical advice to those that observe these Kosher laws.

  4. Thanks Rev James Thompson,

    That really explained why someone might care about this. Something I would have never thought of.

  5. When I was very young, I thought that the seeds on strawberries were bugs and I would not eat them. Now that I am 64, I still can’t make myself eat those things. Looks like I was onto something…

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