Dog leads police to house fire

A dashcam video from the Alaska State Troopers shows a dog leading them through winding back roads to a blazing fire at his owners’ property.

The video on the troopers’ website shows the German shepherd running to meet the trooper’s vehicle, then racing to the house on Caswell Lakes on April 4.

Troopers say Buddy and his owner, 23-year-old Ben Heinrichs, were in the family workshop when a heater ignited chemicals. Heinrichs told Buddy: “We need to get help.” The dog eventually found a trooper responding to a call about the fire.

The State Troopers are presenting a special award Friday to the dog. Buddy will receive an engraved silver-plated dog bowl in Anchorage.

Heinrichs suffered minor flash burns on his face. The workshop was destroyed, but only some window trim on the house was damaged.

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4 thoughts on “Dog leads police to house fire”

  1. Dogs are amazing. My mom’s dog got my stepfather from the living room when my mom had a heart attack, he would never had known otherwise.

  2. My German Shepard saved my life and my house. He woke me up and a sofa pillow was on fire. I was able to put it out. But if it was not for my Yankee, it would have been a totally different outcome. I doubt I will ever own any other breed!

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