1,000 things you don’t know about women

Here are just a few:

No. 512: We’re not always aware of our breasts. If we happen to brush up against you, we’re not necessarily coming on to you. Sometimes we are. But it’s not a given. —Nicole French, 37, Denver, Colorado

8 thoughts on “1,000 things you don’t know about women”

  1. Yes Mike, really. And 76 is true too, right from my heart. I must go look at this complete list now.

  2. These are untrue as I see them.
    73.Thongs are uncomfortable.
    Not true, if the thong fits you properly, it’s comfortable.
    184.Untrue. If I get into a convertable with a man who has hair ties and a brush in that car, those items damn well better be wrapped in the manufacturer’s plastic.
    These are complete facts as I see them:
    208.Slooooow Dooooown
    235. If you treat waitstaff and cashiers poorly I will never touch your penis

  3. Re: No. 129: When we walk into a room we notice which women you’d sleep with before you do. —Rachael Candee, 24, Iowa City, Iowa

    No you don’t. really you don’t. you can’t look at everyone at once.

  4. What seems crazy is women think that we don’t know 90% of this stuff already, like they are giving us some top secret information. Normally if a guy doesn’t pick up on the signals it’s because he isn’t really as into you as you think.

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