Why don’t we eat chicken for breakfast?

When you consider the different types of meat that are included in common breakfast meals, there is one glaring omission: chicken. Most restaurants that serve breakfast offer sausage, bacon, corned beef hash and even steak. Oddly, chicken is not offered, even though breakfast is usually a light meal and chicken is one of the lightest of the common types of meats.



24 thoughts on “Why don’t we eat chicken for breakfast?”

  1. While I can’t verify this because the one near me is still being built, but I have heard that Chik-Fil-A restaurants offer chicken sandwiches for breakfast.

  2. Chik-Fil-A definitely serves chicken biscuits (a lot of them). McDonald’s also has chicken biscuits. So does Ms. Winner’s, so who did the research?

  3. In Asia they serve chicken sausages for breakfast all the time. Usually just a hot-dog but they always specify that it’s chicken because some cultures don’t eat beef, and some don’t eat pork, but pretty much everyone eats bird.

    Jonco, can you add ‘spell check’ to the comment post form?

  4. @ Action: I don’t know what browser you use, but Firefox has an addon or built in option (forgot which) that spellchecks everything you type in any text box on any site. I wouldn’t be surprised if IE copied it and Macs are good enough that Safari might have it too. Check your browser tools and option.

  5. Chicken and Waffles. Yessiree. Tried it for the first time last week and it was YUMMY! It’s apparently big down south, but you can find it up north (Detroit area), too.

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