14 thoughts on “It’s all about the Benjamins”

  1. Must be a socialist conspiracy to confuse Americans about their money … warblglarbl … and something about cats and dogs merging into the anti-christ and corrupting our purity of essence.

  2. They’ve redesigned the bills so often in recent years, who can keep up with it? There are several designs currently in circulation, I’m sure a good counterfeit could get by most people as long as it has the right feel and basic color. When’s the last time you studied every bill in your pocket? Who looks for the security thread and water mark? I don’t. If it feels right and looks right at a glance, it’s good to me.

  3. See, I don’t get that. Why bother re-designing it? Here in old Aussie land we’re behind the times, it’s true, but we’ve had one redesign in my lifetime (ok, I’m 22 so not the best judge on this issue I guess) and it was for our $5… which lasted about a year till they decided not to bother and keep circulating the old ones instead.
    Maybe it’s cos our notes are plastic and last longer? I dunno.
    But as crispy and Scott said, seems like a waste of time and money…

  4. A smart counterfeiter will probably make the old style bills. Why waste the time and effort imitating the high tech features when the old style bills are still acceptable?

  5. I’m with Scott. This is a silly exercise in futility. IF we had recalled all of the old bills, the drug lords would have lost BILLIONS, as they have warehouses full of pallets full of the old $100 bills. But we didn’t. So a counterfeighter only needs to do the old style bills.

    And one of the best ways to tell a counterfeight bill is still by feel.

  6. I was in Europe a couple weeks ago, and I bought a cup of coffee for an outrageous sum and was given some euros back. This hundred dollar bill looks like a euro with the silver chastity belt and the hermaphroditic ink well. Maybe the gays chained to the Whitehorse will pipe down now. Peace, Gizz

  7. This has to do with counterfeiting. You hear about the “super bill” from North Korea that is “almost” undetectable. I bet “almost” is a misnomer and it IS undetectable. That is why they are scrambling to make something that is not counterfeitable. I think the treasury is keeping us in the dark so we don’t know how big this problem is, but I believe in about every conspiracy theory too.

  8. The comments by Chris reminded me of currency controls in Vietnam during the war. Every so often, the U.S. military would confiscate all Military Payment Certificates, which were the only U.S. money recognized in the war zone. Troops would hand over whatever was in their pockets and get new redesigned bills. This left all of the old bills worthless, which really screwed up the black market.

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