10 thoughts on “Speeding tickets”

  1. You’re right isiah…I can’t tell you how many I’ve gotten since I started driving…dozens at least. They deter me for a week or two. The warning notices from the state or the insurance company deter me for a couple more weeks. But then, there I go again.

  2. I had to hire a lawyer when I was accused of going 65 in a 35, I wasn’t going anywhere near that fast. The police officer was in a vehicle going the other direction, and I honestly couldn’t say how he came up with 65 mph, but I was going about 40-42mph. I only ended up getting it reduced to improper driving with the lawyer, who cost me 700USD. In addition to the lawyer expenses, I had to pay a 350 USD fine. So all in all, since I was clocked in a small town at 65 when there was no way I was going that fast, I ended up paying 1050 USD to keep a severe wreckless driving ticket off my record. Oh the the class I was required to take afterward cost me 85 USD so actually I ended up spending 1135 USD.

    There goes my tuition money for next semester…no joke, I can’t take classes now because of that.

  3. lol Thanks Gary, here’s the kicker. It was December 14th and I was on my way to work at UPS, after getting that ticket, I ended up delivering a box that he’d ordered to his house…

  4. So, Lambo_Paul, you say the charge was reduced to “improper driving with the lawyer…”? And he charged you $700? Um, nevermind.

  5. ig business around the Dallas area. Some cities put You on probation so that at the end of the period they dont have to split the income from tyhe ticket with the state. Lawyers specializing in tickets have big billboards. Newest is red light cams which some states have banned because police short cycle the red lights to generate more income.( causing more of the accidents they say they are preventing) Its all about the money!!!

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