J-Walking in St. Louis

Who’s had more beers?
It looks like J-Walk has, but I don’t think he drove off the road when leaving Ken’s house, but let’s not talk about that.

The Midwest Mini Blog Summit took place in St. Louis when I met up with John Walkenbach, mastermind behind J-Walk & Associates, the J-Walk Blog and the Spreadsheet Page, not to mention author of countless Excel books, a few of which I own.  We shared trade secrets and the world’s best mustard and a beer or two or ten.

More pictures after the break….

We met at John’s brother Ken’s (better known as KLAW) house in suburban St. Louis.  John grew up in St. Louis but managed to escape to greener pastures. Scratch that… he lives in the desert now with the very lovely Pamn.

Geek guru Rick Happ
Rick drove in from Chicago to surprise us.  He brought his new iPad and was showing off its bells and whistles.

The Walkenbach Boys –  Ken, Irv and John
Jwalk boys
Anybody else think that Papa Irv looks younger than the boys?  He was a lot of fun.

Open wide
John had fun with the fish-eye photo feature of his camera.

Meeting of the minds
John and Jon discuss the attributes of the world’s best mustard.

Cowboy Ken, Irv, John, Rick, and Jonco

Pfunny Photo Op
A funny forehead fish-eye photo in the making. (Say that 3 times fast)

Weber’s Horseradish MustardJwalk5
Voted best mustard at the Mini Blog Summit.

Fish-eye foot fetish?
(I don’t know what to say about this one)

iPad demo
Rick Happ showing off his new toy. 

Exploring the iPad
J-Walk gets a little one-on-one with the iPad.  I don’t think he took any fish-eye pics of the iPad, like he did everything else.  (I have a feeling we’ll see a few unflattering fish-eye pictures on the J-Walk Blog when he gets home.)

Thanks to Ken for making this happen and for hosting.  The food was great, even though it wasn’t pizza as promised.  Excellent ham and turkey and we can’t leave out the mustard. 

Thanks to Rick Happ for driving in from Chicago and for bringing his iPad too. 

 I had a great time (except for that driving off the side of the road thing) and feeling a little under the weather the next day. I think it was an overdose of that mustard.


12 thoughts on “J-Walking in St. Louis”

  1. 1. I showed J-Walk that fish-eye face pic trick.
    2. How come I don’t have one of those J-Walk blog T-shirts?
    3. Hurry home, J-Walk! Your yucca has taken over the city. Flights can’t get in or out.

  2. I hope he bought you plenty of beer, considering all the stuff he takes from your blog to post on his!

  3. @ wormpicker, the shirts were a gift from Jon to John. You showed him that trick? I showed him his way to the bathroom and I ended up with one, life is so unfair.
    @ Duuude, over 130 beers were consumed, those guys sure can drink.
    @ Mark, does Jonco get a commission for promoting Weber’s?
    @ Jonco and Pat, thanks for coming and sharing the laughter. It was a blast.

  4. Thank God the bunch of you weren’t flying Polish Airways (or was it a German plane?). Hey, TOE PICTURE! I WANT THAT! ON A REALLY BIG T-SHIRT!

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