Someone really dropped the ball…

Someone really dropped the ball when they made Women’s Equality Day the same day as National Dog Day.



A Pun-Fueled Food Map Of Every US State

Chris Durso of Foodiggity started a hilarious project with his 8-year-old son last year calledFoodnited States of America. The “pun-fueled” photo series is recreating every single U.S. state out of food.

Morefried beans



View all the states.


That burning feeling

That burning feeling

Thanks sg


Doggy Facts

Doggy Facts

Thanks Linda S


How North Koreans Shoot Guns

Thanks Mike (from Spain)


Me? An adult?

Me an adult

Thanks Cari


Rolling like a boss

A wheelchair-bound Marine in California shows off his new ride.

Thanks Janet


Murphy’s 15 Other Laws

  1. Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
  2. A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well.

  3. He who laughs last, thinks slowest.

  4. A day without sunshine is like, well, night.

  5. Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

  6. Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don’t.

  7. Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

  8. The 50-50-90 rule: Any time you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there’s a 90% probability you’ll get it wrong.

  9. It is said that if you line up all the cars in the world end to end, someone would be stupid enough to try to pass them.

10. If the shoe fits, get another one just like it.

11. The things that come to those who wait may be the things left by those who got there first.
12. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat all day drinking beer.

13. Flashlight: A case for holding dead batteries.

14. God gave you toes as a device for finding furniture in the dark.

15. When you go into court, you are putting yourself in the hands of twelve people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty.

Thanks Gene


Monster Thrashin’ Around Philly

Andy R. films his puppets on skateboards in slow motion all around Philadelphia.

Thanks  Andy


Bear’ll Roll

Here’s a Grizzly Bear rolling down a hill at Denali National Park.

Thanks Mike (from Spain)

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