Baby Belly Ride

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When they are taking a photo…

…and you have to suck in your gut.

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This Parade Just Got Really Awkward



Meanwhile, on an airplane…





OK… Why?

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Sometimes you just have to do the right thing

When a student at Gateway Middle School in Killeen, Texas, had an asthma attack during class, the teacher took quick action, per district protocol: she e-mailed the school nurse and waited for an e-mail reply. Several minutes later, the girl collapsed onto the floor.

Fellow student Anthony Ruelas, 15, decided to take action: […]


What could possibly go wrong?

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Photo of potato sells for $1 Million

Irish artist Kevin Abosch sold it to a European businessman (who had been drinking) for $1,089,335.  The photographer is known for his portraits and has shot celebs such as Yoko Ono and Johnny Depp. 

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Your new neighbors

Welcome to the neighborhood!



If I fits…



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