Dashing through the snow…

Dogs enjoying winter in New Hampshire.




How to make your own ice melt solution

Read all about it.




Think Spring

Thanks Rich




Unshoveling Snow

B&P reader Nate shoveled a path to his car in Hanover PA.  Apparently his neighbor didn’t care for Nate’s shoveling skills and covered the path back up.

Thanks Nate




Caption Contest – 653

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




Man digs tunnel to his car

Read all about it.

Thanks  Janet




Giant wave wipes out reporter

Thanks Comedy Wizard




How to de-snow your car, Russian style

All you need is a very bass-heavy remix of a little ditty called ‘Fuel’ by Metallica and a volume knob.

The rest of the story




Welcome to Florida

Thanks Lloyd M




Jim Cantore & AC/DC – Thundersnow

Thanks  Justin D



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