Meanwhile, in St. Louis…

A view of the city from St. Louis University shot by Ryan Doan.  We’re expecting more storms this evening then it’s supposed to dry out for a couple of days.  Click to enlarge.





2014 Stormlapses

Time lapse video from 2014 storm chases. I am mostly new to time lapse and am still trying to learn the craft. Music is “Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor)” by John Murphy. Storms included are the Mother’s Day Nebaska storm, Burwell, NE on June 16, Chugwater, WY funnel, the hailmonster that wrecked Gibbon, […]


Oh Hail!

Hail from a round of storms this afternoon in Sullivan MO, about an hour southwest of St. Louis.

More pictures here.




Tired of winter?

I know the feeling.

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




Cold Bath





Thank you Captain Obvious





The snow finally melted…





World’s fastest state trooper





This should hang in all the Boston bars this summer

Thanks Swifty55




Snow Wars

Read all about it



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