Tosh.O – Almost a Perfect Game

Tosh.0 Get More: Comedy Central



Archer Season 7 promo side by side with Magnum PI

There might be a subtle similarity to these two intros.  

Thanks Ernie  


Benny Hill As Mick Jagger



Dave Franco & Conan Join Tinder




SNL: Breaking Character





Congratulations North Korea!

It’s amazing how truly stupid people can be.  I’d like to think that they’re just saying stupid things just to be on TV, but I have my doubts that’s the case.  I’m hopeful that there were many people who didn’t answer this way and they just didn’t put those on the clip.



What would you do if you won the Powerball?

Thanks Comedy Wizard




Government spending

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)  


Best Contestant On The Price Is Right





Behind the scenes at the Oscars

Here’s a look at a television director’s work during Cuba Gooding Jr ‘s 1996 Oscar acceptance speech.

Read all about it.



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