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Cop Rock – Let’s Be Careful Out There

In 1990, Stephen Bochco (creator of “Hill Street Blues”) created a short-lived musical TV drama that was well ahead of its time… and way ahead of its budget. But while it lasted, it showcased a lot of talent, and brought Broadway-quality music to the small screen every week, in hour-long episodes.

Cop Rock […]


Special Delivery

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Surprise visit from the Tooth Fairy?

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My own cooking show





Bob Ross’s Hair Was Actually Straight

For 403 episodes of the PBS classic, The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, Ross softly guided the viewer through the process of painting a blank canvas — his signature ‘fro making the show as much as his deft and deliberate art skills. But it turns out it was all a lie — […]


Best Funny Olympics News Bloopers

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Best Funny Animals News Bloopers

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