Hamburglar News

This clip is a couple of years old but is just now going viral because comedian Kevin Hart shared it on social media.  It features a local zany reporter Tim Ezell (doesn’t every station have a zany reporter?) and at the end of his report he throws it back to the news anchor April […]


House of Cards in 9 Minutes

I binge-watched the first two seasons and got into House Of Cards.  Season 3, here we go!




Lie Witness News – Oscars 2015 Edition




The Kimmel School of Perfect Acting





It’s like a sauna in here





Giant wave wipes out reporter

Thanks Comedy Wizard




Super Bowl Cat

Looks like he plays for the Rams.

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




Weatherman Plays Fetch With Dog

Thanks Comedy Wizard




An interview with Gary Owens

If you’re old enough to remember Gary Owens then you remember laughing at Laugh In (1968-1973) on television. Gary was the announcer for the program. Owens died on Thursday at the age of 80.  Here’s a portion of an interview he did (date unknown).

 Another story bout Gary Owens here.




Name something a doctor might pull out of someone?




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