Videobomber Scares Reporter

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Albuquerque guy gets OWNED by Bryan Cranston

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, aka Walter White, was on a panel at Comic Con this weekend when a fan from Albuquerque asked him an innocent question about the town. Well, what he thought was an innocent question, because what actually happened was that he walked straight into the butt of a joke and was absolutely […]


Game of Thrones Visual Effects Breakdown

Visual effects and digital postproduction company El Ranchito Imagen Digital shows us what they did to make one battle scene in the Game of Thrones episode entitled ‘Hardhome.’

Game of Thrones (HBO) – Hardhome (VFX Breakdown) from El Ranchito Imagen Digital on Vimeo.




1994 Interview with Bob Denver

My friend Dawn was an intern at a radio station in St. Louis after college.  Here’s an interview she did with the man who played Gilligan for three seasons in the 1960s, Bob Denver.  Denver also played Maynard G. Krebs on Dobie Gillis before Gilligan aired.  Dawn was a little nervous, but I think she did […]


On location

Well… not really.

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I Am Chris Farley – Documentary Trailer

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Quote from stabbed man





The Netflix

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Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers Reunite for a New Really!?!

Every so often, someone says something sexist about women and sports and has to apologize to quell a backlash. The resolution is rarely pleasant, but in the case of the latest offense, we get Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers reviving their Saturday Night Live “Really!?!” segment to heap on some shame.

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