WestJet Smart Seats

After years of research and testing, we are excited to announce SmartSeats, a new concept in boarding flights.

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Meanwhile, at a Russian airport…

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Walking In Memphis

We spent the weekend in Memphis Tennessee.  My granddaughter was playing in a soccer tournament so we went down to watch her team play.  Between games on Saturday we ventured over to Elvis Presley Boulevard for a short visit to Graceland.  My brother-in-law and sister-in-law had never been there and they wanted to go. […]


Carry On?





Strong winds push planes to speed of sound

Towards the end of last week, a strong North Atlantic jet stream made trans-Atlantic planes flying to the United Kingdom race along at almost the speed of sound. The aircraft were pushed to up to 745 mph, while the speed of sound is actually 761 mph, and that, for a passenger aircraft, is fast […]


An Aussie gal’s view of America

After visiting America for the first time a woman describes some of the differences she found.




Florida Bound

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How to make sure airplanes never disappear

First Air, a Canadian airliner, flies across some of the most remote and sparsely populated areas on the continent, with routes going as far north as Resolute Bay, in the Arctic Circle. Its planes are often beyond the reach of conventional radar. They are also nearly disappearance-proof.

That’s because of a six-pound tracking system, […]


Driving Norway’s Atlantic Ocean Highway

More photos here.

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Tower Of London Tour

I posted these a long time ago.  It’s about time to see them again. There are five parts.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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