Smartwatches could be smarter

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The Field of Streams at Coca-Cola Park

Up for a little urinal gameplay?



Bubba’s Jetpack – Coming soon to the golf course

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Dolby – Not just audio at the movies

The group from RocketJump Film School take a field trip to the Dolby Institute in San Francisco.




New Technology





Underground Bicycle Parking Systems in Japan

Read all about it.

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Your social apps are crushing your data plan: You’re Doing It All Wrong




Where there’s a will, there’s a way…


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Future President of the United States?

On their path to world domination, intelligent machines will steal all our jobs, but could they (or should they) ever steal the president’s? The case for a computer-in-chief.

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How to send an email – 1984

Things have changed a bit in 32 years.


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