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Airtraz – Omni-directional Forklift

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Why you can’t print that…

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Turbo Encabulator

If you ever have to give a Press Conference on a difficult subject I suggest you watch this gentleman from Rockwell International discuss the Turbo Encabulator. Rockwell International decided to get into the heavy duty automatic transmission business and they were getting ready to tape their first introductory video. As a warm up, […]


Smartbox by Inbox: the mailbox of tomorrow, today




My GPS doesn’t like me

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Mom vs. Technology

Mom Asks Son To Delete All The Messages From Her New Phone





Baby 2.0

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The Cicret Bracelet: Like a tablet…but on your skin

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How to make sure airplanes never disappear

First Air, a Canadian airliner, flies across some of the most remote and sparsely populated areas on the continent, with routes going as far north as Resolute Bay, in the Arctic Circle. Its planes are often beyond the reach of conventional radar. They are also nearly disappearance-proof.

That’s because of a six-pound tracking system, […]

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