Erin Bode – St. Louis Song

As a singer comfortable moving between the jazz and folk worlds, Erin Bode has often been hailed as St. Louis’ answer to Norah Jones. Her talent has taken her far and wide, but on “St. Louis Song” she plants her feet in her hometown. The track, from Bode’s 2006 releaseOver and Over from […]


Bottoms Up Blues Gang – South Broadway Blues

The Bottoms Up Blues Gang performs live at The Venice Cafe in St. Louis.

A good blues song needn’t have flashy solos or hellhounds on its trail; sometimes it can be simple celebration of where you come from and where you’ll always return. The acoustic-blues minimalists (at least when performing as a trio […]


Pokey LaFarge – Central Time

From The 100 Greatest St. Louis Songs




Bob Kuban and the In-Men – The Cheater

Local singles don’t get much bigger than this slice of horn-fueled blue-eyed soul. Bob Kuban led his In-Men from behind his drum kit, and this song of romantic philandering and karmic comeuppance would rise to No. 12 on the pop charts. Years later the song would earn Kuban a spot in the Rock […]


Eisenhower was only president to go up in the arch

On this date in 1967 Dwight D. Eisenhower became the only President or ex-President to ride to the top of the Arch. Eisenhower authorized construction of the memorial on May 17, 1954. The Secret Service has never allowed a president to ride to the top, because of security concerns over the limited space.




X marks the spot

The sky tonight from my back yard right before dusk. Today is the last day of warm weather (70°F).  An arctic cold front moves in first thing tomorrow morning.  It’ll start out about 46° and drop throughout the day to a low of 25°.  Then even colder the next few  days.  Click image to enlarge.



Boards Up! Don’t Loot! – Ferguson prepares for the apocalypse

While the grand jury isn’t expected to return its findings in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, MO until this coming weekend at the earliest, businesses in the area are already preparing for the worst.

Thanks Bacon




One Last Look

We closed on our house overlooking the mighty Mississippi River today.  It’s a done deal.  We went by the house yesterday and did some last minute cleaning and blowing of leaves off the driveway and decks and took a few final pictures.  The great view will be missed but it was time to move on. […]


Shades of Fall

A view from my back yard of a couple of my big trees against a bright blue sky.




A Light Shines For Oscar

A lone light shines on right field at Busch Stadium in St. Louis as a tribute to St. Louis Cardinal right-fielder Oscar Taveras, 22, who was killed along with his girlfriend in a car crash in the Dominican Republic on Sunday.



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