The Alton Giant died 75 years ago today

On July 15, 1940, Alton’s “Gentle Giant,” Robert Pershing Wadlow , AKA “The Alton Giant” died a few days after falling ill while on tour for a show company in Manistee, Michigan. His death was caused by an infection from a poorly fitting leg brace. At the time of his death age 22, Wadlow […]


Flying over flooded Grafton IL


We’ve had some moderate to severe flooding in the Midwest, depending on where you are.  Saturday afternoon a friend and I took a drive up to Grafton IL, which is across the Mississippi River and a little north of St. Louis.  The small but interesting town sits on the bank of the Mississippi […]


On this date…

In 1873 outraged citizens were demanding that St. Louis city leaders outlaw driving cattle through the streets. An elderly woman was seriously injured and shoppers had to dive for cover when a Texas steer went on a rampage through Lucas Market in downtown St. Louis.




Kate Upton and William H. Macy moviemaking in St. Louis

The St. Louis Post Dispatch is reporting that William H. Macy,  Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario are in St. Louis filming a scene for “The Layover”, a road-trip film set for release next year.  Macy is also directing the film.

According to Upton and Daddario star as lifelong friends who take a vacation […]


The Griswolds – Lost in St. Louis

Thanks  Ernie

Of course those familiar with St. Louis know that when you cross the Mississippi River and get off on the Memorial Drive exit (which you really can’t do these days due to a major renovation of the Arch grounds) you wouldn’t end up in the bad neighborhood the Griswolds ended up in. […]


Air Force Thunderbirds Gateway Arch Flyby – 1970’s

Click to enlarge.





The young men on the freshman crew team of Washington University in St. Louis got a little more than they bargained for during a practice session at the weekend.

While out rowing on Creve Coeur Lake their boat was besieged by giant Asian Carp leaping from the water all round them.


Thanks […]


Meanwhile, in St. Louis…

A view of the city from St. Louis University shot by Ryan Doan.  We’re expecting more storms this evening then it’s supposed to dry out for a couple of days.  Click to enlarge.





Oh Hail!

Hail from a round of storms this afternoon in Sullivan MO, about an hour southwest of St. Louis.

More pictures here.




Hamburglar News

This clip is a couple of years old but is just now going viral because comedian Kevin Hart shared it on social media.  It features a local zany reporter Tim Ezell (doesn’t every station have a zany reporter?) and at the end of his report he throws it back to the news anchor April […]

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