Lake Effect

I took this photo on Saturday at a family farm using an artistic effect on my camera.  My friend Chad was fishing with his little buddy.  Click to enlarge.




My Sky

This was what the sky looked like this morning around St. Louis.  Click to enlarge.

Here are some photos uploaded to the local TV station.




Workers Rappeling the Gateway Arch

For the first time since the Gateway Arch was completed, crews will be inspecting some stains that have appeared on the structure in an attempt to figure out what caused them to form. 

Read all about it.



Balloon Glow

Forest Park in St. Louis was the sight for the Great Forest Park Balloon Glow last night.  The balloon glow precedes the Great Forest Park Balloon Race which takes place this afternoon.

Here’s a story about the event.




Lightning over St. Louis and the Gateway Arch

A mega-compilation of lightning over the Gateway Arch and St. Louis skyline.





Lighting up the Arch

We’ve been having afternoon storms roll through every afternoon the last few days.  This was captured yesterday.


Thanks Dawn B




The Beatles in St. Louis – 48 years ago today

On this date in 1966 a crowd of 23,143 braved the rain to see the Beatles at Busch Stadium. They took the stage at 8:30 pm, having played a show in Cincinnati that afternoon. The Del-Rays from Mascoutah, Illinois, Bobby Hebb, the Ronettes and the Cyrkle also played. The Beatles appeared third to take […]


Sh!t St. Louisans Say

I know many readers will not understand this but the locals will get it.





A different view of Ferguson MO

In light of all the bad publicity the mixed -race community of Ferguson MO has received the last few days, here’s a different view of the St. Louis suburb that you don’t see on the news.





Robert Wadlow – The Alton Giant

On this date (July 19) in 1940 Robert Wadlow, the tallest man in recorded history, was laid to rest in Upper Alton Cemetery. Alton is just across the river and north of the St. Louis area.  The “Gentle Giant” was buried in a coffin specially built by the Grand Traverse Casket Company. It was […]

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