The Griswolds – Lost in St. Louis

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Of course those familiar with St. Louis know that when you cross the Mississippi River and get off on the Memorial Drive exit (which you really can’t do these days due to a major renovation of the Arch grounds) you wouldn’t end up in the bad neighborhood the Griswolds ended up in. […]


Air Force Thunderbirds Gateway Arch Flyby – 1970’s

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The young men on the freshman crew team of Washington University in St. Louis got a little more than they bargained for during a practice session at the weekend.

While out rowing on Creve Coeur Lake their boat was besieged by giant Asian Carp leaping from the water all round them.


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Meanwhile, in St. Louis…

A view of the city from St. Louis University shot by Ryan Doan.  We’re expecting more storms this evening then it’s supposed to dry out for a couple of days.  Click to enlarge.





Oh Hail!

Hail from a round of storms this afternoon in Sullivan MO, about an hour southwest of St. Louis.

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Hamburglar News

This clip is a couple of years old but is just now going viral because comedian Kevin Hart shared it on social media.  It features a local zany reporter Tim Ezell (doesn’t every station have a zany reporter?) and at the end of his report he throws it back to the news anchor April […]


Cleaning the St. Louis Gateway Arch

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.




Superman breaks up fight in St. Louis

The man of steel apparently flew into St. Louis to break up a fight between a Cardinals fan and a Cubs fan near Busch Stadium following a baseball game.  The Metropolis Marvel quickly squashed the quarrel between the two drunks before they hurt one another.

Thanks Mike (from Spain)



The Forecast


 This is our St. Louis area meteorologist Dave Murray.  Murray used to do the weather on ABC’s Good Morning America.




St. Louis home features an indoor beach

What do you do if you’re a beach lover who spent years on the coast and you find yourself living land-locked St. Louis? Simply make a beach in your own house. That’s what Canadian-born author Lauren Cox did.

Read all about it.



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