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 This is our St. Louis area meteorologist Dave Murray.  Murray used to do the weather on ABC’s Good Morning America.




St. Louis home features an indoor beach

What do you do if you’re a beach lover who spent years on the coast and you find yourself living land-locked St. Louis? Simply make a beach in your own house. That’s what Canadian-born author Lauren Cox did.

Read all about it.




Shooting the moon through the Arch

Thanks Steve K




St. Louis’ – They’re Everywhere

St. Louis meteorologist Bree Smith was featured with Al Roker on the Today Show this morning. She noted that there were seven cities with the name of St. Louis across the country.  Of course the main one is right here in the middle.  There also are several Arch related cities too.




Gas prices jump

 I got lucky! 

I filled up yesterday at $1.63 per gallon.  Today prices just about everywhere are $1.99 per gallon.




Early Christmas Present

I got an early Christmas present at the gas station this morning.  I haven’t bought gas for under $2 a gallon in quite a few years.

I find it hard to get too excited about these prices when I remember when gas was 29¢ a gallon.  Yeah, I’m that old.

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Erin Bode – St. Louis Song

As a singer comfortable moving between the jazz and folk worlds, Erin Bode has often been hailed as St. Louis’ answer to Norah Jones. Her talent has taken her far and wide, but on “St. Louis Song” she plants her feet in her hometown. The track, from Bode’s 2006 releaseOver and Over from […]


Bottoms Up Blues Gang – South Broadway Blues

The Bottoms Up Blues Gang performs live at The Venice Cafe in St. Louis.

A good blues song needn’t have flashy solos or hellhounds on its trail; sometimes it can be simple celebration of where you come from and where you’ll always return. The acoustic-blues minimalists (at least when performing as a trio […]


Pokey LaFarge – Central Time

From The 100 Greatest St. Louis Songs




Bob Kuban and the In-Men – The Cheater

Local singles don’t get much bigger than this slice of horn-fueled blue-eyed soul. Bob Kuban led his In-Men from behind his drum kit, and this song of romantic philandering and karmic comeuppance would rise to No. 12 on the pop charts. Years later the song would earn Kuban a spot in the Rock […]

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