Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery

Though Veterans Day is for honoring the living veterans of the armed forces I ran across this photo from Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis and thought I’d share it.  Click to enlarge. Posted to Imgur by Digitronical

The difference between Veterans Day and Memorial […]


Fall Colors

After driving a couple hours on Sunday to do some aerial photography at the farm my parents once owned I got home and realized the autumn colors were prettier in my own yard and neighborhood.



The Old Red Barn

On Sunday we took a little ride down to the farm my parents retired to back in the early 1970s.  They bought 61 acres of mostly wooded land in southeastern Missouri in the late 60s, a couple hours south of St. Louis.  There was nothing there but land.  They had a well dug, built […]


The Gateway Arch Turns 50

The Gateway Arch in St., Louis turns 50 this week.  The area is undergoing a major 3+ year renovation.   The arch itself is still open during the grounds renovation. Completion is expected in Spring 2017.

CityArchRiver – Official website

Building the St. Louis Gateway Arch

The Arch in movies and TV

St. Louis […]


A Rubik Cube portrait of Stan Musial

A St. Louis high school student assembled 5,980 Rubik’s Cubes into a portrait of Baseball Hall of Famer, Stan Musial.

Read all about it.



My thoughts exactly

I went outside to see if I could see the lunar eclipse of the moon last night.  Nothing.  I have several very large trees on my property so I’m thinking maybe they’re keeping me from seeing it.  So, I gather the camera and tripod and get in the car and go for a […]


49 years ago today…

…The Beatles played their one and only concert in St. Louis at Busch Stadium.  My wife and I had our first official date that night. Here’s my ticket for that concert.

It was a rainy dark night and there were no theatrics or big screens to watch them on, just the four lads on […]


On this date in 1904 … in St. Louis…

The International Association of Ice Cream Makers says Syrian immigrant Ernest Hamwi invented the ice cream cone at the World’s Fair on this date. Hamwi sold zalabia, a crisp wafer-like pastry from Syria. When ice cream vendor Charles Menches ran out of dishes, Hamwi supposedly plunked a scoop of ice cream atop a zalabia. […]


The Alton Giant died 75 years ago today

On July 15, 1940, Alton’s “Gentle Giant,” Robert Pershing Wadlow , AKA “The Alton Giant” died a few days after falling ill while on tour for a show company in Manistee, Michigan. His death was caused by an infection from a poorly fitting leg brace. At the time of his death age 22, Wadlow […]


Flying over flooded Grafton IL


We’ve had some moderate to severe flooding in the Midwest, depending on where you are.  Saturday afternoon a friend and I took a drive up to Grafton IL, which is across the Mississippi River and a little north of St. Louis.  The small but interesting town sits on the bank of the Mississippi […]

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