Ellie Kemper Grills Andy Cohen About St. Louis

Both are from St. Louis and Andy plays the game, Plead the Fifth and answers questions related to St. Louis on his TV show Watch What Happens Live (Bravo).




Supermoon over St. Louis

 Photo taken Sunday.  Click to enlarge. via Thanks, Staci  



I just took this photo of tonight’s Supermoon, also known as the Full Hunter’s Moon.  Click to enlarge.

Shot with a handheld Nikon Coolpix P900.




St. Louis Zoo Named America’s #1 Free Attraction

The St. Louis Zoo was voted America’s Best Free Attraction by a panel of experts just announced by USA Today.

We went there this evening for a Jungle Boogie concert at the zoo.  The weather was perfect. We walked around for a while to see some of the exhibits too.  I hadn’t been there […]


This is St. Louis

With all the negative press our city has received in the last couple of years it’s nice to see this promotional video that touts many of the reasons St. Louis is a great place to live, work  and play.

Read all about it.




Happy 4th of July

Click to enlarge.


Thanks Mary Ann





Happy Independence Day

Photo was shot at Fair St. Louis on July 4, 2013.  The fair has been moved to Forest Park the last two years because of the extensive arch grounds renovation going on.  Photo by David Carson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  Click to enlarge.




Storm Clouds Rolling In

I was out running errands this morning as these storm clouds came rolling in.  I love unusual cloud formations.  Click to enlarge.





How hot is it in St. Louis?

Looks like St. Louis is having the same weather we are here in California.  100°F temps for much of the coming week.

Thanks Cathy




Circle By Nine – Mo Bottom Project

This is a song about the area and era that I grew up in.  The “Circle” in the song is Halls Ferry Circle, a roundabout in North St. Louis County where 6  streets intersect.  There were many businesses around the circle which opened in 1933. Most notably there was ‘Circle Steak’,  a Steak n’ […]

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