Super Bowl Feast


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Friday Firesmith – Bench The Patriots

About six months ago my television died. I looked around and flat screen televisions are pretty cheap compared to what they once were and good ones can be had at a price that doesn’t hurt like it once did. There was a time that a color television was something that only the privileged few […]


Ernie Banks Dead at 83

Legendary Chicago Cubs player Ernie Banks died at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago yesterday. He was 83 years old.  Here’s a fond look back at Ernie.

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Bad Lip Reading – NFL 2015


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Instant Facial Adjustment

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Cialis Inflate-A-Ball

Read all about it.






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Arm Wrestling Animal

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Ice Fisherman Catches Monster Trout

With the polar vortex bearing down on the United States in the winter of 2014 and the Great Lakes almost completely freezing over, these fishermen headed miles out onto Lake Superior to find some lake trout. Little did they know they would catch this monster. It’s amazing they even managed to get the […]


The Best Ball Boys in the World

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