what NFL stadiums could look like in the future

In the future, NFL teams won’t play in sterile concrete bowls. Instead, they will play in multi-use spaces near the urban core, redefining our idea of what a stadium is.


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He shoots, He scores !!!

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Meanwhile, at the game…

West Virginia’s Johnny Dingle and Scooter Berry on the sidelines.

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Meanwhile, at the ballgame…



Miami 8-Lateral Touchdown Beats Duke on Wild Final Play

The Miami Hurricanes executed an 8-lateral last second play on a kickoff return to defeat Duke 30-27 in the wildest ending you’ll ever see. Miami’s Corn Elder took the the ball into the endzone but it was a full team effort on the play that helped the Hurricanes come away with Larry Scott’s first […]


Premature Tattoo

It’s good to think positive, but positive thinking has its limits.




Irish People Watch Baseball For The First Time



Cub fans, There’s always next year…

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Welcome To Blue October

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Hitler Reacts to the Cubs beating the Cardinals in the NLDS

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