Heckler challenged by the golf pros succeeds

During a practice round for the Ryder Cup, Rory McIlroy struggled to hit a putt and heckler let him hear about it. And then the heckler got called up to the green and actually backed up his trash talk.


Thanks, DJ




Demolition Soccer



Taking the celebration a tad too far

Language NSFW

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He flips… He shoots… He Scores!





Ice Cream Sale When LA Rams Lose

The Rams are not real popular in these parts anymore.  

This is not far from my house.

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Greatest football photo ever

Read all about it.




Meanwhile, during a lightning delay…

Ridgeland High School – Don’t Stop Believin’ from Ridgeland Video Production on Vimeo.




A not-so-level playing field



Man burns Colin Kaepernick’s jersey

Well…. he tries to anyway.




Batsketball Karma

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