Arizona Rattlers Football Dancing Surprise

This happened during one of my hometown Arizona Rattlers games, but it’s taking the world by storm! Normally you don’t think of big, hulking players being this light on their feet, and that’s because they’re not. This guy is actually a professional dancer, not a real player. But it’s still entertaining! Watch what […]


It’s all about the finish!




The woes of being a Cubs fan


Thanks Karree



Are you ready for some Handegg?

The Handegg Season or Football Season as we call it here in the U.S., will be getting underway in a few weeks.  Pre-season games have already begun.

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




The Ultimate Golf FAIL Compilation

We’ve probably posted this before, but if so, here it is again.

Thanks  Ed C



Cristiano Ronaldo takes to the streets of Madrid in disguise

Thanks Tristan



Soccer Shootout

An oldie but a goodie!

Thanks Russ



The Boxing Mambo – Limelight RUSH!




Boxing Cat

This reminds me of my dad.  He used to enjoy wrestling and boxing on TV.  He’d sit on the edge of his chair and move around like he was trying to help his favorite wrestler or boxer.  

Thanks Janet



Ninja Batter


Thanks DJ


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