Experiencing hockey up close and personal

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Sign Up Shoveling Sam

My neighbor Sam used to be on the Dartmouth  Hockey Team but he was awkward on snow and ice. See how he struggles to shovel his driveway on the snow. I gave him a couple of pointers and brought him to play hockey. The results were astounding.

He Weebles and Wobbles but does not […]



Just a great photo of Michael Jordan.

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Meanwhile, at a hockey game…

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Dog playing soccer





Super Bowl Cat

Looks like he plays for the Rams.

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An Adjustment

Some ice-hockey players get a loose screw from time to time.

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Friday Firesmith – Demanding More

Last week there was a lot of discussion about “Innocent until proven guilty” as far as accusing a football team of cheating. I maintained, and still maintain, that we were not discussing law but rules. If the rules of a game are such that innocence is presumed then we don’t have a lot to […]


Are Kobe Bryant & Michael Jordan the Same Guy?

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Golf Signs

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