Word Problems



I told my uncle about Photoshop…


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Make B&P Great Again!

Ran across this funny software for the iPad (and iPhone) called Face Swap Live.  You can automatically swap faces on two people live or with yourself and an image online. You can also distort your face. You can save the swap as a photo, video or GIF image.  Here are just a few I quickly […]


Windows Vista Speech Recognition Test

This technology might need a little more work.  

Warning: Language NSFW





Tutorials make it look so easy

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)    


Windows 8

Thanks Radass



Thank you, Windows 10

Thanks Mike (from Spain)



Ignore No More: Mom Creates App To Make Kids Call Her Back

Thanks Tommy Salami & Devon




Visicalc – The granddaddy of spreadsheets

This brought back lots of memories for me with the Apple II and Visicalc.  After the success of Visicalc, Microsoft created Multiplan the precursor for Excel and the rest is history.

You can download and run a free PC version of Visicalc here.




Photoshop Experts Use Photoshop 1.0

Today’s photo-editing pros struggle mightily with Photoshop 1.0 software as Photoshop turns 25 years old.




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