World’s Best Street Magic Trick

Thanks, Shock Mansion




Voice-activated Toaster



British Underwear Guard Prank


 Thanks Janet  


Beer Bong Backfire

Thanks, Wirecutter    


Meanwhile, in IKEA…

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)    


Senior Prank

Thanks Rad




Filling the flux capacitor

Thanks, Wirecutter    


Prankster Bear




April Fools’ Day is coming

More here

Thanks Mister Biggles





A valiant attempt to skip midterms… except for this…

A creative student’s hilariously bad attempt at getting out of his midterm exams has made him internet famous.

Joker Terrell Finner, a premed student at Columbia University in New York, posted a photo on Valentine’s Day of himself with a pair of headphones shoved in his nose and a Macbook charger across his arm […]

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