Subway Zombie Attack Prank

Thanks Tommy




New Zealand radio hosts pull off epic April Fools’ prank

New Zealand’s ZM radio morning hosts Fletch, Vaughan, and Megan pranked their afternoon coworkers this April Fools’. But not with a quick one-liner—their elaborate joke went on for an hour.

The pranksters caught it all on YouTube for our enjoyment. It was a cruelly simple gimmick: have their evening colleagues think they have to […]


Professional Driver Scares Life Out Of Instructors

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Don’t Fall Asleep in the Military






Taking out the trash

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




Pranking Howie’s House

A Teepeeing to end all teepeeing.

 Read all about it.

Thanks Niki




Magic Photobomb Prank

Thanks Greg




Toilet Prank





Magic Door Prank – A Black Hole

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




Dandelion Prank




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