Undercover Operation

This cunning undercover operation had one tiny flaw.





Dover Police DashCam Confessional

This video has gone viral and is making the rounds.

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




Police critic takes police training

Watch what happens when an outspoken police critic undergoes a day of police training.

Read all about it.

 Thanks Darrell

Here is a different point of view about this video.




What’s the problem, Officer?

A little charm can get you out of just about anything.

Thanks Mike (from Spain)




Paul Harvey – Policeman





Community Oriented Policing





Meanwhile, in England…

Thanks Keith




Lenexa KS Police Cattle Roundup

Five cows strayed out of their pasture Thursday morning on Interstate 435 near 87th Street. A Lenexa KS police officer responded to help get the cattle back into the field. The animals darted into traffic and crossed the median.  But drivers stopped so the officer and the owner could herd the cattle safely off the […]


Sheriffs rescue bull from drowning

Hillsborough County (near Tampa FL) fire and sheriff’s units were on the scene of a bull rescue Friday morning in Lithia. The rescue took place on the 6000 block of Madison Avenue.

The 20-year-old bull, which was first thought to be a cow, weighed 1,000 pounds. A man mowing grass spotted the bull […]


Scottish Police Stop

Thanks Mike (from Spain)



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