Caption Contest – 769

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Canine Betrayal

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Caption Contest – 767



This really sucks




Quite a memorable day



South African cop on bike chasing and shooting at thug

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A break-in

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Do you know why I pulled you over?

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The view from behind the badge…

The cops get a lot of bad press, most of which is undeserved in my opinion.  Here’s a look at some typical examples of things they have to deal with in the community.  Hats off to the men and women in blue who have some of the hardest jobs in the real world.



Sheriff’s Deputy Foils Cab Robbery

As they say at Staples, ‘That was easy’.  An armed man proceeded to rob an Uber driver while the car was sitting in traffic.  When the car didn’t move with the traffic the cop, who happened to be right behind the car,  flipped on his lights to go see what the problem was.  The robber […]

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