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May you be with the force…

The Galactic Empire’s second attempt at getting into a Fort Worth Police Academy class. The next civil service exam dates are Jan.10-11, 2017. We are accepting applications until Dec.12, 2016.

Visit http://fortworthtexas.gov/hr/PoliceRecruitment/ for more information. “Good luck and may the “force” be with you.”

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The Party Must Go On



Speeding ticket

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Is that a banana in your holster or…



Free Meth Testing



Benny Hill Maneuver

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A good bedtime story





Paul Harvey – The Policeman

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Indiana State Police – Summer Nights

The Indiana State Police clearly know how to have a good time when those summer days start drifting away. To commemorate their last day at the state fair, a few troopers decided to have a golf cart karaoke party.

Read all about it.

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