Selfies at the baseball game




Tiny Toronto (Time Lapse – Tilt Shift)

Thanks Lore



The Dangers of Selfie Sticks PSA




Selfie from Hell

This gave me the creeps.  Watch at your own discretion.


Thanks, Gary S



My thoughts exactly

I went outside to see if I could see the lunar eclipse of the moon last night.  Nothing.  I have several very large trees on my property so I’m thinking maybe they’re keeping me from seeing it.  So, I gather the camera and tripod and get in the car and go for a […]


Moon Over Missouri

Driving home from Kansas City to St. Louis this evening I took these photos from the car without a tripod during a gas stop just before dusk.  Looks like our moon is bigger than Las Vegas’ moon.

Click on the photos below to enlarge.



Don’t look behind you




Moon Over Vegas

I’m guessing it’s pretty much the same moon you might have seen wherever you are.

I took this picture with a new camera out of my hotel window tonight. Not bad considering it was through the glass window and hand held and set on Auto.  The camera is a  Nikon P600 and it has […]


Apparently, it’s too hard for some…

Thanks Mike (from Spain)



Failed panorama shot

Cameras these days can do some amazing things, but they’re not perfect.


Thanks DJ


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