Google Birthday Wishes

I probably shouldn’t be, but I was surprised when I went to Google today to search for something and saw this as the header.

This is all because today is my birthday. It was a pleasant surprise.



Groundhog Day


This little critter was taking refuge under my grandson’s car the other day.   They saw something run under there and stuck their phone down and snapped this picture.  It looks both cute and scary at the same time.   Click to enlarge.



Just call me Speedy

I’ve notice better internet speeds lately so I did a speed test for my internet service.  I’ve attached three earlier tests for comparison.


March 2011  (DSL)

January 2013  (Cable Internet)

January 2014   (Cable Internet)


July 2014   (Cable Internet)  Charter Spectrum Internet

The results are interesting and confusing.  In January of 2013 […]


Panting Pals


Trixie loves going for a ride.  We drove over to the old house to work on a couple small things.




Oh Deer

This has been an eventful couple of weeks for me and my car.  My daughter is on vacation with her family and we’re watching their dogs while they’re gone.  About 7 am this morning I headed down to their house to let their dogs out and feed them.  I was on the outer road […]


How I spent the holiday weekend

I spent the better part of Friday and Saturday power washing the deck at the old house.  It was so dirty.  I’m amazed it turned out so well.  Father’s day weekend we cleared out much of the brush and trees that were obstructing the view of the river in the summer.   I think I’m getting […]


Charlotte’s Bath

We took our motorcycles out for a breakfast ride this morning.  I think this is the second or third time out this year.  With spring allergies and moving there hasn’t been much bike time yet.  They were getting a little dusty sitting in the garage so we took then to the car wash. Though […]


How I spent Father’s Day

My daughter, son-in-law and two grandkids decided they’d come over and help clear out a wooded area because it was almost impossible to see the river at the old house.  The area on the left side of the walkway looked just like the area to the right of the walkway.  Chainsaw, weed-chewer-uppers, lopers, […]


Looking Back

Here’s a picture of me and my kids from about a hundred years ago (give or take a few).  Back when I had a little more hair… and it was curly… and not gray.  The little guy on the right is 45 now.  Where did the years go?



Swimming in the rain

Yesterday we had some very weird weather in the St. Louis area.  One of my grandsons had his high school graduation party and it would be sunny and then 30–40 minutes later it would rain like crazy for about 20 minutes.  Then the sky would clear and it would be sunny.  Then 20–30 […]

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