FaceSwap – Keeping it in the family

Me and my daughter Krisgo doing the FaceSwap.

Me and my son David swapping faces.




Dogs of Spring

Gus and Trixie enjoying the fist morning of the spring season. Of course, being the midwest, we woke up to giant snowflakes that would accumulate on the grass then melt away and another batch come thru and accumulate and melt off. This is the third batch of snow (that I saw anyway).  The dogs […]


Happy 104th Birthday Dad

My dad would have been 104 today if he were alive. He was born on this date is 1912. Dad didn’t get much education as he needed to work to help feed his family. 

Work was hard to find when he was a young man. Dad worked as a farmer and took a job for a […]


Winter Storm

We’ve been really lucky this winter as far as bad weather goes.  It was 78°F over the weekend here.  This morning we woke up to this. It’s a short lived storm dropping anywhere from 3–8 inches of heavy wet snow. The winds are really blowing, gusting up to 45mph.  The snow is supposed to end by noon today […]


Happy Birthday Mom

My mom would have turned 95 today. Not sure when this photo was taken but I think she looks like she was about 30. 

She died in 1995 at the age of 74. 

Click to enlarge.



Staring Contest

Trixie and I do this fairly often.  Gus, well he walks to the beat of a different drumstick.

They both need haircuts.



Christmas Full Moon

 I took these photos Christmas night just as the clouds were coming in.  This was the first full moon on Christmas, known as a full cold moon (the last of the year), in 38 years.   The next one on Christmas will be in 2034.  Click to enlarge.





Happy Thanksgiving


Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the United States.  It is a time to reflect on things we are thankful for. Health, family and friends are at the top of the list.  I am also thankful for those who serve in our armed forces and all the first responders, some of which can’t be home with […]


JFK Assassinated 52 Years Ago Today

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated fifty-two years ago on this date, November 22, 1963 while in a motorcade in Dallas Texas. 

I was a freshman at Beaumont High School in St. Louis.  I had just returned to class after lunch and as Terry Mislark,  a fellow classmate, entered the classroom talking to […]


The Illinois Lottery Stinks to High Heaven

First, I’ll state the obvious, I don’t know all the details in this story nor do I really care about the details.  What little info I have is coming from what I read here and there. This is just my opinion and I’m entitled to it.  Every time I hear something about this story […]

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