Lake Effect

I took this photo on Saturday at a family farm using an artistic effect on my camera.  My friend Chad was fishing with his little buddy.  Click to enlarge.




Rainbows Over Missouri

As I pulled onto I-70 out of Columbia MO heading east to St. Louis I was greeted with this sight.

About a half hour later this appeared…

As I was getting ready to post the pic above my son sent me this photo he took over Desoto MO which is south of St. […]


Meanwhile, in my front yard…

Not only did we have a garage sale on Saturday, we also had a big old oak tree taken down.   

It had been hit by lightning and was mostly dead.  I think I’ll sleep much better knowing that a storm won’t send it crashing into my bedroom in the middle of the […]


Sweet Mary – Last Night / My Road

This beautiful young lady is the daughter of a personal friend of mine.  I’ve known her since she was born.  I didn’t realize she was this talented.  She writes her own music and is trying to put an album together.

She needs help getting her first EP produced and out there. More info here.    



Flying Ozark Airlines

When I was a teenager my friend Mickey and I did all kinds of things together.  Ozark Airlines had a weekend special where you could fly anywhere Ozark flew over the weekend for either $30 to $40 (I can’t remember now).  You could fly all weekend if you wanted to and that’s just what […]


The Beatles in St. Louis – 48 years ago today

On this date in 1966 a crowd of 23,143 braved the rain to see the Beatles at Busch Stadium. They took the stage at 8:30 pm, having played a show in Cincinnati that afternoon. The Del-Rays from Mascoutah, Illinois, Bobby Hebb, the Ronettes and the Cyrkle also played. The Beatles appeared third to take […]


Google Birthday Wishes

I probably shouldn’t be, but I was surprised when I went to Google today to search for something and saw this as the header.

This is all because today is my birthday. It was a pleasant surprise.



Groundhog Day


This little critter was taking refuge under my grandson’s car the other day.   They saw something run under there and stuck their phone down and snapped this picture.  It looks both cute and scary at the same time.   Click to enlarge.



Just call me Speedy

I’ve notice better internet speeds lately so I did a speed test for my internet service.  I’ve attached three earlier tests for comparison.


March 2011  (DSL)

January 2013  (Cable Internet)

January 2014   (Cable Internet)


July 2014   (Cable Internet)  Charter Spectrum Internet

The results are interesting and confusing.  In January of 2013 […]


Panting Pals


Trixie loves going for a ride.  We drove over to the old house to work on a couple small things.



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