The Old Red Barn

On Sunday we took a little ride down to the farm my parents retired to back in the early 1970s.  They bought 61 acres of mostly wooded land in southeastern Missouri in the late 60s, a couple hours south of St. Louis.  There was nothing there but land.  They had a well dug, built […]


My thoughts exactly

I went outside to see if I could see the lunar eclipse of the moon last night.  Nothing.  I have several very large trees on my property so I’m thinking maybe they’re keeping me from seeing it.  So, I gather the camera and tripod and get in the car and go for a […]


Moon Over Missouri

Driving home from Kansas City to St. Louis this evening I took these photos from the car without a tripod during a gas stop just before dusk.  Looks like our moon is bigger than Las Vegas’ moon.

Click on the photos below to enlarge.



Moon Over Vegas

I’m guessing it’s pretty much the same moon you might have seen wherever you are.

I took this picture with a new camera out of my hotel window tonight. Not bad considering it was through the glass window and hand held and set on Auto.  The camera is a  Nikon P600 and it has […]


Off to Las Vegas

I’ll be out of town for a few days as I’m going to Las Vegas for a WordPress WordCamp event.  I’ll also get in some sightseeing and maybe a show or two.

There will be fewer posts these next few days. I’ll be returning Tuesday […]


Kitchen Renovation Update #5

The kitchen renovation is almost complete.  There are still a few things that need to be done but we now can use the room as it’s intended. Click images to enlarge.

We still need to put up some kind of backsplash and do a few other small things.  The last photo (in the […]


49 years ago today…

…The Beatles played their one and only concert in St. Louis at Busch Stadium.  My wife and I had our first official date that night. Here’s my ticket for that concert.

It was a rainy dark night and there were no theatrics or big screens to watch them on, just the four lads on […]


Kitchen Renovation Update #4

I’m happy to report that phase 1 is complete.  Everything is done except for the countertop, sink and plumbing. Hopefully that will happen next week.

Gus inspects the kitchen… He pretty much stayed away from all the commotion during the reconstruction.

We have part of the old countertop and other miscellaneous things to […]


Kitchen Renovation – Update 3

After dealing with several obstacles we finally got some wall cabinets up.  I put the range in tonight just to see if it works.  It works!   We need to work on the base cabinets and the floor and do some painting but we’re definitely progressing now.



Kitchen Renovation – Update 2

Three weeks in and we’re starting to make visible progress.  Progress was slowed because of some structural problems that had to be dealt with. Above our contractor Scott is installing a couple of vents for the range and the sink.  Click images to enlarge.


Drywall and first coat of mud is up. Location of […]

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