Patio Demolition

I rented a jackhammer today to tear out our patio.  It was super hot but we had some shade from the patio roof.  We have a sewer pipe under the patio that needs to be replaced.  I had originally hired a guy to do the work.  He got started on it but hasn’t shown […]


A Blogger’s Life

The only thing missing is an occasional pizza.

Thanks sg  


Reminiscing at a Beatles Tribute Night

Last night was a Beatles Tribute Night at the Cardinals game at Busch Stadium. The Liverpool Legends, a band we’d seen perform before, did a concert before the game.  I had taken a photocopy of the ticket stub we have from the only Beatles concert in St. Louis, 50 years and 2 days earlier.  A […]


One of those weeks…

I was finishing a load of laundry my wife started when I heard a squish when I stepped in front of the washer. It  has apparently sprung a leak!  Dammit!  So I took some Tylenol and unhooked the washing machine and pulled it out from the wall. I had to remove about a dozen […]


Are you kidneying me?

I had 30-day follow-up blood workup done last Friday and I talked with the doctor’s office today. 

It seems that my kidney function numbers are back into the normal range.  YAY!  The way I had understood it from what they told me a month ago and mostly from what I read online about kidney […]


Executive Trix

Mistress Trixie likes to sit in the office chair.  




Here’s looking at you, kidney…

I received some not-so-good news on my routine doctor visit on Tuesday of this past week. I had my blood drawn a few days before my visit.  As I was sitting in the office waiting for the doctor to come in I was thinking, ‘I really feel good… no complaints where usually I […]


Family Tree

When we got home from our trip we discovered this new tree painted on out living room wall as a Father’s Day gift.  Artistry by my daughter Krisgo and her daughter Kaitie.  I love it!




OK… It is Hot!

This was the display in our car as we headed back from Simi Valley towards Marina Del Rey.  It actually read 117°F but changed before I could get the camera ready.  This is the highest temperature I’ve ever experienced.  It was 108 a few years ago when I was in Las Vegas. 

 It […]


No, it’s not Bill Murray with a ‘Caddyshack’ Oscar…

… it’s me holding an 8.5 lb. Oscar statue.



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