49 years ago today…

…The Beatles played their one and only concert in St. Louis at Busch Stadium.  My wife and I had our first official date that night. Here’s my ticket for that concert.

It was a rainy dark night and there were no theatrics or big screens to watch them on, just the four lads on […]


Kitchen Renovation Update #4

I’m happy to report that phase 1 is complete.  Everything is done except for the countertop, sink and plumbing. Hopefully that will happen next week.

Gus inspects the kitchen… He pretty much stayed away from all the commotion during the reconstruction.

We have part of the old countertop and other miscellaneous things to […]


Kitchen Renovation – Update 3

After dealing with several obstacles we finally got some wall cabinets up.  I put the range in tonight just to see if it works.  It works!   We need to work on the base cabinets and the floor and do some painting but we’re definitely progressing now.



Kitchen Renovation – Update 2

Three weeks in and we’re starting to make visible progress.  Progress was slowed because of some structural problems that had to be dealt with. Above our contractor Scott is installing a couple of vents for the range and the sink.  Click images to enlarge.


Drywall and first coat of mud is up. Location of […]


Kitchen Renovation – Update 1


Left photo: The first cabinet is in the kitchen area just to be used to check dimensions.  The frame behind it will be a bar top.

Center photo: Gus normally stays as far away from the construction as possible during the day.  He can sometimes be coaxed across the floor to go outside, […]


In dog years…

As you may know, Mike, (from Spain) sends me pictures most weekdays and I post some of them.  Many of those he sends I haven’t seen before.  This one seemed a little extra funny since today is my 67th  birthday. 

I was feeling fine yesterday.  Well as fine as a 66 year old could […]


Kitchen Renovation

As mentioned previously we’re doing a kitchen gutting and renovation. The renovation is going slow because we’ve hit some snags along the way as is typical in some older houses.  The tear-out went fairly smooth, just very dusty and dirty.  We found several things that needed to be addressed before continuing.  Most of those were […]


End of an era

I made an agreement to sell my motorcycle, Charlotte, on Sunday.  I’ve accepted a down payment and will close the deal when the  buyer gets the funds from his 401k account in a week or so.

I decided to part ways with her for several reasons.  But the main reason was that I just don’t […]


Zero to 300 ft.

Here’s another video I shot with the Phantom2 Vision+ drone.  I tried to pay more attention to altitude and do fewer fast turns.  I got up to 300 feet.  As I was descending, the battery was getting low so the aircraft did an automatic “Return To Home” function where it uses GPS to come […]


My buddy Mel, the photographer…

Way back in 2007 we were on a motorcycle trip to Yellowstone National Park.  We had stopped to take photos at a scenic overlook in South Dakota as we did at many places along the way.  My friend, Mel, was sort of ‘old-school’ and hadn’t gotten a digital camera yet.  He was still […]

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