A picture is worth a thousand words

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)  


Probably won’t be going to Rio…

But, I’d give her a 9 on Bravery.



Headache Slide

Thanks Rich  


Turn Down For What Fail

Thanks Ernie  


Kung Fu Cattle



I’d give her an 8.5 if it weren’t for the landing


http://www.angryduck.com/pictures/2016_3/might-not-have-thought-that-through.mp4 via  


Quick Dismount

Turns out that leftover bolt wasn’t just an extra one the bike came with.



Look! A Pokemon is behind you!

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)  


That’s gonna hurt…

Thanks, Wirecutter  


If I had a hammer…

..I’d hammer in the morning, I’d hammer in the evening, all over this land…

Thanks, Mike (from Spain)  

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