Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  Hot and humid.  But we had a few really nice days with fairly low humidity this past week. This week is more typical for the end of July in St. Louis.

Around the house:  The kitchen renovation is in process.  We ran into several unexpected issues that took several days to deal with […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  One simple phrase: Summer in St. Louis.  Make that two phrases:  Hot and Humid!

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis.  What’s going on in your world?




Weekend Open Mic

Weather: After a stormy but mild week, summer is back with temps ion the 90s and heat indexes over 100°F most days.

Around the house:  Our kitchen renovation begins Monday morning.  We’ll be emptying cabinets and moving the refrigerator over the weekend.  The renovation includes knocking most of one wall out to […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather: A nice weekend for the Independence Day holiday.  Then more rain for an already saturated ground.

4th  of July: We’re going to a party on Saturday afternoon and evening.  We’ll probably get some shopping in there sometime, too. Then, Sunday we’re going to dinner with friends and coming home to watch […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  After a week of hot and humid … and wet weather, we’re in for a perfect weekend and a pleasant, though wet week ahead.

Around the house:  Finally ordered kitchen cabinets.  They’ll be in about the middle of July.  Hopefully, we’ll have all the old cabinets out and the preliminary work […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  The remnants of Tropical Storm Bill have been hammering our area the last few days, but moved out Friday night.  There’s a lot of local flooding but I know we’re not the only place that has it.  The weather should settle down now except for a shower or storm here and there.



Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Hot, humid and wet.  But it’s actually going to be a little cooler as it’s been in the mid to upper 90s these last several days.

My weekend:  We’re dodging showers on Saturday as we attend a retirement party for a friend.  Sunday we’re meeting family for a pizza birthday gathering for […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Wet and hot and humid here in the midwest.  Right on schedule for June.

My weekend:  Working a Mouse Races fundraiser Saturday night so Saturday will be busy setting up for that.  Then need to make some decisions on cabinets and appliances for a kitchen renovation next month. That’s pretty much it.

That’s […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Hot, humid and wet.  Seems about right for this time of year.

Around the house: Had an electrician come out and check out the power situation to make sure we have enough power in the right places to run new kitchen appliances.  Still shopping for cabinets.  We did a little landscaping last […]


Weekend Open Mic – Memorial Day

Weather:  It almost ALWAYS rains on Memorial Day Weekend here in St. Louis and this year will be no exception.  It’s been really cool the last few days this week but the warmer weather is returning.  The high temperature was in the 40’s on Wednesday.

Around the house:  We’re still looking at […]

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