Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Summer returns for a few days and then it cools aff a little bit later in the week.

The Weekend: I’ve been getting some estimates on replacing a plumbing line and a concrete pad for the patio/room in the back yard.  The last estimate should be in  on Monday or Tuesday.  Then I can […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Looks like a pretty nice week coming up.

The weekend: Not much going on around here at all.  I’m still having some swelling in my ankle.  It’s much less painful and is almost normal in the morning.  But by the time I go to bed it’s swollen. I wore tennis shoes […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  Typical fall weather here in the St. Louis area.  The hot weather finally broke this past Monday. It’s been really nice all week.

My weekend:  I’ll be pretty much taking it easy this weekend giving my poor body some rest.

Websites:  I’ve been having some off and on problems with Bits of […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Looks like things are going to cool down after a very warm weekend.  

My weekend:  I’ll be tearing out a concrete patio this weekend.  Then I have to dig up and replace some sewer pipe there. Not sure how long I’ll last on this project.  I had hired a guy […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather: After a couple days of rain, a cool front moving in for the weekend.  Then it’ll warm back up for a few days.

Around the house:  I finally have a crew busting up our patio and replacing a sewer line in the back yard.  Other than that there’s not much going […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Some nicer, cooler and less humid weather greets us this weekend in St. Louis after a couple of really wet days.


My weekend:  Went to an End of Summer Party Friday night.  Going to a Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll Trivia Night on Saturday night. Sunday looks to be a grass cutting […]


Weekend Open Mic

Happy Labor Day:  It’s Labor Day this coming Monday in the U.S.  This weekend is the unofficial end of summer in these parts.

Weather:  A few really nice days with lower temperatures and lower humidity before it warms back up later in the week.

TV Binging:  We binged on Stranger Things last and have […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  Typical late August weather for the St. Louis area.  It’s hard to believe September and cooler weather are just around the corner.

Me and my weekend:  Having a pretty quiet weekend here.  

I’ve been feeling a little better and almost back to normal except for joint and arthritis pain […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather: A really nice start to the week after a rainy Saturday brings a cool front through town.

My week: My bout with stage 2 kidney disease seems to have improved somehow.  I had another blood workup done a month after the diagnosis and found out that my kidney levels are within normal […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather: We had a hot week here but rain came in Friday night and is supposed to cool things off at least 10 degrees all week.  We’re expecting several inches of rain over the next few days too.

Computer problems:  After a couple of weeks of driving myself crazy I decided to […]

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