Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  Fall has arrived for sure!  It’s going to warm up a bit this coming week but it feels mighty nice.

B&P Lounge –  There doesn’t seem to be much activity in the B&P Lounge of late.  It was set up to be a place where people could talk about anything they wanted […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather: Still a little warm for late September but it’s really nice.  I am a little concerned about the sun not coming up on Tuesday though {see image below from local TV station’s website)

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis.  What’s going on in your […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather (Las Vegas): It’s HOT but it’s supposed to cool off a little this coming week.  It was well over 100F last week before I got here.

I’ll be home Tuesday night and things will get back to normal on Wednesday.

That’s it from Las Vegas.  What’s going on in your […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  Finally a little fall weather.  I can live with this. 

Malwarebytes Issue:  I’ve had two people that contacted me this week saying they got notified that there was a problem with B&P. A similar thing happened several weeks ago and from what I found out then there was a ‘false […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  After a very hot week things will get unsettled and cool off a little after the weekend.

Busy Week:  I’m putting together a trivia night program for next weekend.  I’m going to slow down on some of the fundraisers that I help out on.  I want to enjoy the events rather than […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  After an almost fall-like week here in the midwest, things will heat up as we enter September. 

Kitchen Remodel:  We’re still waiting on the countertop.  One piece is on backorder. Then we can install the sink and hook up the disposal and dishwasher.

We’re in the process of painting some other rooms […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  Absolutely wonderful weather here in the Midwest.  A little rain over the weekend but another nice week after that. This is especially unusual for mid to late August.

Around the house:  Phase 1 of the kitchen remodel is complete.  We’re now waiting for the countertop to arrive and we can put the sink in […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  Another nice week here in the midwest.  We’re gonna pay for this eventually.

Around the house:  The kitchen renovation is moving right along, finally.  The cabinets are in and the countertop on order and the floor is being laid this weekend.  I’ll post an update in the next day or two.



Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  We get a few hot days in the mid to upper 90s then it cools off a bit, but no long periods of really hot weather so far this summer.  The coming week continues that trend.

Around the house:  The kitchen renovation continues.  We’ve run into more and more problems with […]


Weekend Open Mic

Weather:  Pretty much what’s expected in August in these parts.

Busy Weekend:  Most of Friday was spent setting up for the annual mud volleyball tournament we hold. . Saturday, the day of the event, will be a dawn til dusk + day for me.  I always enjoy it but I’ll be glad […]

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