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Chilean Volcano Erruption

Calbuco, a 2,000m (6,572ft) volcano in Chile, has erupted twice in the past day, sending emergency services (and photographers) into overdrive. The eruption has prompted the evacuation of roughly 4,000 citizens from nearby cities and villages, and the Argentinian authorities have warned their citizens about volcanic ash as well.

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Best Laughing News Bloopers

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Explosion Interrupts News Interview

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CNN Reporter Attacked by Ghost in House

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Accidental Sleepover


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Bus falls through crater in Brazil and then floats away

A bus falls through a large crater in northern Brazil and is then was suddenly carried away by rushing flood water on Monday.

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Pet rock inventor dies at 78

Gary Dahl, the man behind that scheme — described variously as a marketing genius and a genial mountebank — died on March 23 at 78. A down-at-the-heels advertising copywriter when he hit on the idea, he originally meant it as a joke. But the concept of a “pet” that required no actual work and […]


Best News Bloopers March 2015

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