Incredible video of a water rescue in Baton Rouge

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WOW. Absolutely incredible video of a water rescue in Baton Rouge. This video is from our sister station WAFB.

— Jordan Strack (@JordanStrack) August 14, 2016




Drunk Couple Crash Car Into Beehive

Read all about it.

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Now, that’s a good headline

The rest of the story  


Who better to cover this story?

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Elvis Presley – Dead for 39 years

August 16, 1977, was an important day in music history. It was the day that Elvis Presley, known around the world as the King of Rock & Roll died.  39 years ago today this story ran on page one of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.



The High Cost of Crack

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Crocs Go Hungry



Head Shots

Read all about it.

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Another kind of DWI



Meanwhile, in Arbor Heights…


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