Nerdy Kid Shreds on Accordion

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Cubanos Acapella – Hotel California

Read all about it.



Toby Lee – A salute to B.B. King

This 10 year-old in tiger pajamas recorded this about a month before blues legend B.B. King died.

Read all about it.



Misheard BeeGees lyrics

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Dancing in the street

This little guy has been seen all over Facebook the last day or two.



Paul McCartney & Johnny Depp – My Valentine

Behind the scenes of the making of this video…

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Steve Martin and Edie Brickell – Love Has Come for You



Stephanie Rainey – Please Don’t Go

This video for Irish singer Stephanie Rainey’s single, Please Don’t Go, sees men and women holding up a placard revealing how their loved one passed away, a message they’d like to share with them and a photo of their family member.

The rest of the story

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100 TV Theme Songs on Guitar

This is awesome!

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Loca, the pug that couldn’t run

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