Musicians are just therapists…





Steve’n’Seagulls – Thunderstruck





You thought things couldn’t get any worse…




Kinga Głyk – Tears In Heaven

Thanks, Wirecutter  


Trashy Musician

Thanks, Rad    


GOV’T MULE – Lola Leave Your Light On




Delete It – Hillary Clinton parody

Thanks, Hoosier  


Cop Rock – Let’s Be Careful Out There

In 1990, Stephen Bochco (creator of “Hill Street Blues”) created a short-lived musical TV drama that was well ahead of its time… and way ahead of its budget. But while it lasted, it showcased a lot of talent, and brought Broadway-quality music to the small screen every week, in hour-long episodes.

Cop Rock […]


Matt Williams – Move On Down The Line

Our own transplanted Spaniard, Maffu, has recorded another great song.




The Hurricane Gaston Song


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