Dolby – Not just audio at the movies

The group from RocketJump Film School take a field trip to the Dolby Institute in San Francisco.




On a mission with Jason Bourne

Would you follow directions from Matt Damon?




In honor of Shark Week

More here




I found her…

…. and she’s delicious!





No, it’s not Bill Murray with a ‘Caddyshack’ Oscar…

… it’s me holding an 8.5 lb. Oscar statue.




Forced Perspective…

At Warner Brothers Studios  we came upon this demonstration of forced perspective.  Click images to enlarge if you want to.

Here’s my granddaughter Logan and me in two forced perspective photos sitting at the table above…



Grandma tries virtual reality

A Northern Ireland grandmother tries out Jurassic Park in virtual reality and doesn’t seem to enjoy what she’s seeing!





Top 10 Hilarious Running Gags in Movies




20 Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed




Fast & Furious 8 filming car crash scene

Real cars being launched from a garage in downtown Cleveland, OH (filling in for NYC locations).

Thanks Ernie  

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