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100 Years: The Movie You’ll Never See Featurette

Description: Director Robert Rodriguez and writer/actor John Malkovich have collaborated with the help of Louis XIII Cognac to make a movie that no one will see for 100 years. Literally. Here, listen to them describe how they did it and why.

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Next time you watch Star Wars…



James Corden and Tom Hanks Act Out Tom’s Filmography




Sequel to Dirty Dancing ?

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Happy YuleAween

CNN has a post about how Christmas stuff is battling Halloween stuff for space on the shelves of stores worldwide. It seems to get earlier and earlier every year.  In the article they reference some tweets – Halloween / Christmas mashup movie titles.  Here are a few:

O Little Clown of Bethlehem How the Witch Stole Christmas […]


Saving Daylight – Movie Trailer

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They Were in THAT?! #2: Horror Edition



For the love of Bolt

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10 Things Back To The Future got right and wrong

10 things Back to the Future go tright and wrong about 2015


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