Oh, my aching face…

Over the weekend, I could feel something wrong with one of my teeth when I chewed. It wasn’t real bad but enough to know there was an issue that needed attention. I figured I’d be calling the dentist first thing Monday morning. Well, come Monday it felt much better. Besides, my dentist is off on […]


Doctor’s Orders

Thanks Gene





Thanks Rich    


It could happen to anybody…










Sore knee treatment

Thanks Rich    


Just checking your blood pressure…





A valiant attempt to skip midterms… except for this…

A creative student’s hilariously bad attempt at getting out of his midterm exams has made him internet famous.

Joker Terrell Finner, a premed student at Columbia University in New York, posted a photo on Valentine’s Day of himself with a pair of headphones shoved in his nose and a Macbook charger across his arm […]


When lightening strikes…



Sometimes you just have to do the right thing

When a student at Gateway Middle School in Killeen, Texas, had an asthma attack during class, the teacher took quick action, per district protocol: she e-mailed the school nurse and waited for an e-mail reply. Several minutes later, the girl collapsed onto the floor.

Fellow student Anthony Ruelas, 15, decided to take action: […]

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