Magically Photobombing the News

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Penn and Teller’s Fool Us – Shin Lim

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Harrison Ford freaked out by David Blaine’s magic

Warning: Language NSFW





Darcy Oake’s – A jaw-dropping magician

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Pet Peeve:  Why when watching a magician perform do they have to cut to audience and judge reactions so much?  In this video the actual performance takes just over two minutes.  They cut away to show the judges and audience reaction twenty-four (24) frigging times.  I can see showing that a […]


Video magic of Mavi Kocaeli

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Abracadbra Dog

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Hans Klok – 15 illusions in 5 minutes

Read all about it.




Weird Al’s Mysterious Floating Orb

Read all about it.




Magical Ballet Performance

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The Great Smoothini – Bar Magician On AGT

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