Wedding Checklist

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Things I’ve learned from Craigslist…

Furniture Definitions 

“Shabby Chic”… I tried to refinish it and screwed up, so just sprayed it white.

“Vintage” … Old and in bad shape.

“Antique”… Prior to 1950.

“Mid-Century” … Junk from the 1950-1980’s that they bought at Goodwill.

“Armoire” … Any tall piece of furniture with shelves of some sort

“Contemporary” … something […]


Things I hate…



Morning Instructions

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There has to be order in life…

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25 Things That Keep Getting Weirder The More You Think About Them





Meanwhile, at a school in Japan…

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A Long List of Useful Websites





List of Serial Killers…


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Bar Rules

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