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Earthquakes on a sphere 2001 – 2015

Rare Photos on Pinterest

Underated movies of 2016 & where to see them

Presidential Yacht rusting away & trash filled

Insane homes from around the world →  

Women Goes to City Council About the McRib

How much it costs to commute in major US cities



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Meanwhile, in Missouri…  A vampire story

Of sick goats and duck costumes

Quiz: Are You Actually Doing Everything Wrong?

Finding their age based only on their name

Astonished Animals  →  

10 unlikely events that actually happened

Home Cleaning Hacks

Road Rage Demolition Derby in California

38 Actors Who Rejected Iconic Movie Roles

What having […]


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19 charts that will help you be an adult

Freaky Facts  That Airlines Don’t Tell You

Here’s Why You Get Eye Boogers

Parents Who Have a Perfect Sense of Humor →  

24 Carrot Gold

Celebrities with and without makeup  

Spectacularly Appalling Food Ads from Yesteryear

Black Friday at a Seattle Nike store

Some […]


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16 Tools to Create Better Images

Everything you need to know about those ‘Gilmore Girls’

Original Gerber Baby, Ann Taylor Cook, turns 90

The Child Eater of Bern →

Amazing white rainbow snapped over Scottish moor

30 pretty awesome wives

The Sweet and Not-So-Sweet History of Saccharin

40 Secrets Fast Food Places Will […]


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$1 mansion moved and now listed for $2.4 million

What Happens When You Stop Drinking

The Magical Creature Quiz

The 100 Most Influential Images of All Time  →  

Trump’s media summit was a ‘f−−−ing firing squad’

Man sets himself ablaze over election results

Transcript Of ‘Hamilton’ Cast’s Statement To Mike Pence

 Some of Hamilton’s […]


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What would happen in an all out nuclear war?

What Really Goes Into Making a Hot Dog

How To Make Moss Graffiti – Organic Art  →  

Gold Star family booed as they exited plane WTF? is the matter with people?

Charting Shark Attacks

Miami Beach has run out of sand

The Legalities […]


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25 Google Calendar Hacks

Running Tips for Beginners

Give the poor doggy a bone

Cows stranded by NZ quake are rescued  →  

Handy tips to Adult

Fun ‘Young Frankenstein’ Quiz

How the Power Grid Works

Unsung Heroes in Southeast US

33 Fun Facts About the Dark Knight Trilogy

The World Wide Web of […]


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A More Accurate World MapWins Award

The CareCrow: The birds love his nuts

What Do These 3 Words Have in Common?

Photos of the AA plane that caught fire

Grate Photoshop Requests  →  

Last Tweets From Celebrities Who Died

The 22 Most Overplayed Songs in Movies

Therapy Dogs Visit Capitol Hill After Election

Late […]


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The Great Iguana Escape

A profile of Michael Jackson’s son, Prince

OhYeahWow – Being  Weird

22 Things You’re Doing Wrong  →  

Perfect timing on the Boozman graphic

How to Move to Canada

Oregon man kills elk, elk impales man

Canadian immigration site crashes

Food-Loving Rescue Dog Is Web Sensation

70 Greatest Conspiracy Theories […]


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A Few End of the Curse Words  (World Series)

Video Cables & Ports Explained

Funny things to ask Amazon’s Alexa

Once In A Lifetime Photography Moments  →  

16 Revolutionary Cleaning Hacks

Proof that every marketer is a blatant liar

Gifts for The Walking Dead fans

A Free Open Source Alternative to Microsoft Visio


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