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Can You Pass The Sociopath Test?

How Michael Jackson destroyed his looks

Man pronounced dead comes back to life

Can We Guess Your Level Of Education?  I got PhD –  Not bad for a high school dropout

Young Jim Carey Impressions 

When is it OK to lie?

Do you really need to poop […]


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Windows 10 Will Be the Last Version of Windows. Ever.

Letterman interacts with female guests –  A tad creepy

Dogs That Really Deserve an Apology

After 10 years family finds metal door in backyard

Eyeball Tattoos – A Bizarre and Disturbing New Trend 

15 Secret Hiding Places That Will Fool Even the Smartest Burglar

Internet Health […]


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What The Casts Of 90’s TV Shows Look Like Now

13 Tricks Every iPad and iPhone User NEEDS To Know

Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Music Video Blooper

33 best ice-cream shops in America

19 Of The Worst Prom Dress Fails 

92-year-old World War Two veteran flies Spitfire again

The 21 Most EXTREME Selfies […]


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Huge 9.8 Quake Predicted For California on 28th May

19 things you didn’t know you wanted

9 reasons my-husband’s hemmorhoid pisses me off

29 Ways To Eat Eggs You Might Not Have Considered

9 Clever Uses For Wheel Barrows  

7 tricks for appearing smarter than you are

Raining spiders in New South Wales […]


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Man stumbles upon some dudes testing out a freakin’ jetpack

A guide to speaking with an Irish accent

21 Things You Never Knew About The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

These Life Hacks Will Save You Time, Money, And Disappointment

17 Terrifying Things In Nature That Just Shouldn’t Exist  

12 Famous Movie Errors […]


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30 weirdest things that have washed up on beaches

12 things you should know about bourbon

13 Crazy Myths about Dogs (and which are true!)

8 Vegetables You Can Regrow Forever and Ever

Weird Accidents 

7 Incredible 3D Movies Actually Worth Seeing In 3D

Tiger Woods sends emotional letter to fan […]


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Comedy Isn’t Just Funny…

Man Kills Imaginary Friend, Turns Himself In

9 fake news sites you should avoid sharing

What your employees are doing instead of working

The Adventures of Maddie, The Rescued Dog 

Do We Talk Funny? 51 American Colloquialisms

How celebrities are handling the worst drought in history

Just when you […]


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The ‘Beards Are As Dirty As A Toilet’ nonsense debunked

12 Must-Eat Breakfast Sandwiches Across America

15 Embarrassing Questions Answered By Science

Which Of These Bananas Is Better For You? 

A newbie’s guide to every ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ ever

13 Missouri Towns That Are Way Better Than They Sound

THIS Is […]


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Master List of Mom Wisdom

The ‘Beards Are As Dirty As A Toilet’ nonsense debunked

Lad Wins His Second Free Holiday To Puerto Rico

40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken

Things we say today that make no sense   

Woman suing ‘all gay people on earth’ on God’s behalf

Top 12 Handguns […]


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This dude is insanely good at throwing things into other things

13 Unbelievable Airbnb Horror Stories

Why are black cats considered unlucky?

8 Facebook hacks that will save your sanity

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Air Force One 

America’s 35 Best Hot Dogs

Dianne White, first black weathercaster in America, dies […]

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