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21 Laws From Around the World

15 Hacks To Make Your Beach Day Awesome

Hiker captures Chile’s Calbuco volcano right before it erupts

Don’t like having your photo taken? Think about this…

The XM42 – Your own personal handheld flamethrower 

What Your State Can Cheer “We’re #1!” About

16 Clever Ways […]


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10 interesting facts about bananas

The best f**king legal brief ever written  NSFW

The 20 coolest towns in the US

22 Hilariously Unfortunate Typos 

Grammatically Correct Sentences That Prove English Is Crazy

McDonald’s Training Film from 1972  And… Clean It

If Logos Were Designed by Doctors

At the First Rock Festival, […]


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What your favorite movie would look like with 1 letter removed

Slightly used Imperial II Class Star Destroyer for sale

Man arrested for murdering his Dell

The Most Popular Movie from Each State — in One Map

12 cool and creative belts 

Saturday’s Beer and Balls

How Did the Donkey & Elephant […]


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New species of frog found in Costa Rica looks just like Kermit

Find the halfway point between two places

13 Creative Bras

What can kill us so quickly that we wouldn’t even know?

6 Insane Discoveries That Science Can’t Explain

25 Of The Most Wonderful Roads In The World   

Woman eats three full […]


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All New iGun

ANA’s Star Wars Fleet of Planes

The Unsung History of America’s Hard-Working Hoboes

Who doesn’t need a Money Gun? 

You can now download your Google Search history

Which legendary song best describes your life?      Mine was ‘Wild Thing’ by the Troggs

Zimmerman gets two “hits” in one at bat

14 […]


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28 Rescue Pets On Their First Day Home From The Shelter

How to Make a T-shirt Rag Quilt

What aliens might be like if they’re out there

These 17 Abandoned Film Sets Have Changed Since Filming

Brochures: Prescription Drug Alternatives 

6 Realities Of Working In A Nursing Home

Gross Science is… just […]


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Police in Iceland are having Way more Fun than You on Instagram

15 Strange Convenience Store Encounters On The Night Shift

Buy a Gutted 747 and Do Whatever You Want With It

Parsing Ronald Reagan’s Words for Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Unfortunate Price Tag Placements  

Man volunteers for first head transplant      WTF?

Celebrities […]


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Probably the coolest clock ever

Ever Wonder What The People Of Your State Like To Buy The Most?

How to completely dry your hands using only one paper towel

The Mysterious Blue Button   (Reddit)

Funny Celebrity Name Puns 

Everything You Need To Know About Urination

The Best Tip for Using “Whom” In […]


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Statue of Lucille Ball terrorizes small town

Hiker who rescued trapped sheep is hero of the day

22 Vintage Ads Designed To Keep Women In Their Place

Claw machines – Why it’s so hard to grab the toy

Baby Do’s and Don’ts 

Worked In A Call Center? You’ll Love These Memes

April […]


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How your phone could become a ‘Star Trek’–style Tricorder

Man Overboard – The complete list since 2000

6 Amazon Prime Benefits You Might Be Ignoring

18 Families Who Should’ve Never Made It To Family Feud

Rain activated art to make you smile 

6 Secret Tips for Cruise Ships

90s Playboy cover models, Then […]

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