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At 90, Don Rickles is still going strong

Wanna buy a big boat? 

USA nukes are still controlled by 8-inch floppies

17 Secret iPhone Tips and Hacks

Beer consumption may protect against Alzheimer’s

David Letterman ready to fake his own death… 

Everything coming and going on Netflix in June

Dog fights […]


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How the last 10 presidents physically changed while in office

Anorexic Gal Who Weighed 40 Pounds Is Now Recovering

The difference between men and women

15 Freewheelin’ Facts About Bob Dylan

Pinterest Fails Prove That Not Everyone is Crafty 

Workout Serenade

Ollie’s Rare Diagnosis –  Tick Paralysis

Asleep at the wheel

Meanwhile, […]


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A gift from a grateful American

How Ink Pens Are Literally Built to Save Lives

After 80+ years, birth mother and daughter reunite

World Beard and Mustache Championships 

Your Brain Has A “Delete” Button — How To Use It

Confessions of Disney park employees

YouTubers Earning Millions: What’s Their Secret?

Canva –  Free […]


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Analyzing 7 months of Donald Trump’s tweets

Honoring Morley Safer’s Career in 60 Minutes

Pushing ‘All You Can Eat’ Restaurants to Their Limits

25 Fun Facts About the Hollywood Walk of Fame 

10 Amazing Google Chrome Experiments You Need to Try

Skateboard trick almost gets kid killed

31 Awesome Decals That Will […]


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Texas Inventor Creates Hail Protection For Cars

A simple ride with the kids. What could go wrong?

Red Zone vs. White Zone Parking

Rona Barrett, Hollywood’s Forgotten Gossip Girl

8 PC-Saving Windows Tools You Must Not Overlook

20 Brutally Accurate Job Titles 

A Post-it-Note War Is Happening on Canal Street

Confessions of […]


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5 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 right now

15 Useful Things That Will Actually Organize Your Car

The price of a pound of bacon the year you were born…

5 Watch Technologies You Should Be Excited About

A bike built from a someone’s drawn memory 

Man Fakes His Death To Get […]


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An interview with storm chaser Kelly DeLay

Changing money on Venezuela’s black market

The orange balls of justice in Japan

Why No One Wants A&W’s 1/3 Pound Burger Seriously?

Extremely Unflattering Dog Pictures 

9 over-the-top ways to announce your baby’s gender

23 Food Hacks That Will Change Your Entire Life

UPS is testing drone delivery […]


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A painting, up close and WOW!

Julianna Margulies, in Closing Arguments for ‘The Good Wife’

Coming soon to a restroom near you –  Bathroom Cops

The 5 Most Luxurious Private Jet Tours in the World

Recreating Met Gala Looks Using Nothing But Garbage 

Business Advice from 33 Pop Culture Characters

The World’s Killer Diet



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Why Veterinarians Have To Charge The Prices They Do

Cats With a Serious Hoarding Problem

Chernobyl, 30 Years After the Disaster   (Photos)

10 Prisons That Rival The Accommodations of Most Hotels

Terribly Designed Products by Katerina Kamprani 

She left and took everything… but the dog 

VW Presentation in ’06 Showed […]


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Drunk Underage Florida driver crashes into medical helicopter

Why are suit jacket/blazer pockets sewn shut?

9 Words with Tricky Pronunciations

10 Words Smart People Always Use (and 7 They Never Do)

Car Paint Job Cost $383 …in pennies  

Squatting Russians In Tracksuits

The Finger Length Personality Test

Prayers for Little Richard Penniman


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