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Netflix Settle: A New Feature For Couples Who Can’t Agree

The Worst Plays in NFL History

What’s in a Boarding Pass Barcode? A Lot

Another name for musical instruments 

What a Man’s Testicles Tell About His Health

13 Images You Have Probably Never Seen



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Banned from North Korea for taking these photos

Guest Lineups for upcoming TV Talk Shows

A Craigslist Missed Connection like no other

Something You Never Realized About The Joker

24 More Life Hacks To Make Things Easier 

Funny Struggles Only Cat Owners Will Understand

Dog masters the art of putting itself to bed



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Massive swarm of bees traps Oklahoma police officer in squad car

Why I changed my mind about ad-blocking software

Little secret in Back To The Future movie

25 Bizarre Things People Have Found At The Beach

7 photos of terminally ill patients living out their final wishes

Emergency Pizza Pouch

People having a […]


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Years You Have Left to Live, Probably

10 Disturbing Facts About Belly Buttons

20 Things You Had No Idea Your Microwave Could Do

13 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Wheel of Fortune’

I would date you, but…  

13+ Things A Funeral Director Won’t Tell You

Top 10 Titular Song Characters In Pop Music […]


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Selfies killed more people than sharks this year

Ouija Boards are even creepier when you know how they work

What Happens One Hour After Eating a Big Mac

Happy Birthday song is now public domain

Telekinetic Table Tennis  

The 3 best websites for airline deals

Bully gets his after punching blind kid […]


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Amazon Prime for $67 this Friday only (new subscribers)

45 Amazing Facts About Dessert

Man Serenades 93-Year-Old Dying Wife

George Costanza Taught Me These Important Life Lessons

Tiny Trumps 

American kids are getting drunk off hand sanitizer

Word Up: The Secret Story of Scrabble

Why couples always fight when assembling Ikea furniture

Movie […]


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Family photo next to father’s casket sends heroin message

Diplomatic Immunity claimed for exotic car race in CA

11 Private Islands For Sale That Anyone Can Afford

20 Tricks That Can Make Anyone An Excel Expert

Celebrities who look like other celebrities  

Bear invades pizza parlor for food and a nap

Surfing Birds

15 […]


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The tale of The Highway Man – Pass it on

And you thought a screaming kid on a flight was bad…

Why school and work should start an hour later

We’re throwing away $$ in unused ink in our printers

10 Celebrities You Forgot Actually Killed Someone

102 Awesome Pallet Projects & Ideas 



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Tell Google you’re feeling curious for fun facts

Two boys dig their way out of kindergarten

The undersea cables that power the internet

15 GIFs That Explain Everything  

19 totally made-up facts about the Queen

You’re using your vacuum cleaner wrong

20 Celebrities’ Stunning Final Words Before Dying

The Inside Stories of Six […]


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27 Little-Known Facts About ‘Parks And Recreation’

Tweets from the Person who Allegedly ‘Sits Next to Kim Davis’

Fake Trump brochure put in doctor’s waiting room

Mixing crayons and a hot glue gun = Art

Photographing A Town That Never Was  

Why we have thick glass at the zoo

Drone video captures monk […]

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