Vegas Baby!

Thanks Cari


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Vintage Las Vegas

Above 1968.  Below 1970’s.  Click to enlarge. This is about when I first started going there.





Bad News…





B&P Goes to Las Vegas Recap

I’ve sobered up recovered from the big Las Vegas Adventure last weekend.  It was great putting faces to the names we see here and meeting such warm and friendly people. 

A special thanks to Barb and Paul for helping to organize the event and their guidance while we were there. 

I’ve uploaded […]


Baby On Board

Or… The Flight From HellOur flight from Las Vegas to St. Louis was almost that.  The flight was completely full so we knew we were going to have to share our third seat with another passenger.  But we didn’t know it would be two passengers, one of whom was 9 month old and had the […]


Cupid in Las Vegas

Mike (from Spain) sends in this picture this morning.  We saw this very guy Saturday night on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. 

He, like a lot of other “characters” pose with visitors for tips.  When we passed him Bella just shook her head and just said, “No”.  I had to look […]


Bag Ladies of LOVE

Shannon and Bella display their beverage of choice at lunch. Paul (below) enjoys a pork sandwich from the Hash House A-Go-Go.  This evening we saw the Cirque du Soleil production of The Beatles LOVE.  What a great show!!!




Fremont Street Experience

A fine looking group of people met in downtown Las Vegas for the Fremont Street Experience.  And it’s quite the experience.  A visual and audio extravaganza with more than 12 million lights overhead.  Click to enlarge images


Bella with a Beer and The King




B&P Vegas Gathering

Left to right:  Paul & Barb, Mr & Mrs (Another Scott), Jonco & Patco, Shannon & Cheryl (Bella), Sara & Anthony (ALN).  Missing: David Grant, Deborah & Elliot.

It’s pretty amazing to me that people from different ages, backgrounds and locations can gather together and meld so comfortably and sit for almost six hours […]


Warming Up in Las Vegas

The temperature in 108°F outside as I type this.  In all honesty 90°F back home feels a lot hotter than this because of the low humidity here and the high humidity there.  This image is from my phone.


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